GTA 5: Predator Mission Guide (Gold Medal)



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The O’Neils are back, so Trevor calls Franklin for help. Michael joins in on the fun, too.

GTA 5: Predator Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

The O’Neil brothers want their revenge on Trevor after he raided their farm, killed most of their brothers, and blew up their meth lab. Elwood, Walton, and Wynn even went as far as to track Trevor at Wayne’s apartment in Los Santos, hoping to find Trevor in the area and blow up the entire apartment with a rocket launcher.

Trevor asks for Franklin’s help tracking the O’Neil brothers as they return to Blaine County. Trevor and Michael wait for Franklin’s call so the trio can deal with the O’Neils once and for all.

Here is everything you need to know about the Predator mission in GTA 5 and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing this mission.

Predator Synopsis

After the events of Caida Libre, Trevor took Michael and Patricia back to his trailer in Sandy Shores, where the trio chilled out and let the heat die down a bit before heading out into the open as Martin Madrazo’s men were probably looking for them everywhere.

Michael leaves Jimmy a voicemail telling him to call his dad once he gets the message while Trevor pours gasoline into a cup, and Patricia irons out some of Trevor’s clothes in the background.

Michael looks weirdly at Trevor when he sees his old friend sniffing gasoline off a cup. Trevor explains how Blaine County was built on gasoline, so he thought it would be a fitting tribute to the pioneers. But as soon as Patricia sees Trevor, she gives him a slap across the face. Michael gets some laughs at Trevor’s expense.

Trevor and Michael converse about their current lives. At one point in the conversation, Trevor points out how Michael has not changed his bad habits and is still as self-centered as ever. Michael realized the truth behind Trevor’s statement but was too shocked to come up with a quip, but he recovered by apologizing to Trevor, saying he was right.

Trevor cuts the pair’s reminiscing by telling Michael how he has been in contact with Franklin lately and asks for help with some trouble he has been having. When Michael asks what troubles he is referring to, Trevor explains how Franklin is tailing some guys – the O’Neil brothers.

Meanwhile, Franklin and Chop tail the O’Neil brothers closely at the Great Ocean Highway. However, the O’Neils quickly realize they are being tailed and speed up to escape Franklin and Chop. The O’Neils go off-road in an attempt to lose Franklin. Franklin follows as best he can but gives Michael and Trevor a call to let them know his situation.

While trying to drive away as quickly as possible from Franklin, an elk suddenly pops out into the open, causing the O’Neil’s fall and crash in the forest. Despite the crash, the O’Neils manage to scurry into the forest for cover. Franklin gives Michael and Trevor a call to ask for air support since he cannot track the O’Neils on the ground.

Trevor and Michael drive to the airstrip to pick up Trevor’s chopper, which he stole from the FIB back in the Three’s Company mission. The pair quickly fly towards Franklin’s location.

Upon arrival, Trevor hands Michael a special rifle with a thermal scope. Michael successfully takes down two of the O’Neils when the last brother suddenly starts shooting rockets toward Michael and Trevor. It is up to Franklin now to deal with the last O’Neil brother, which he does flawlessly.

Michael and Trevor pick up Franklin and fly back to the airfield in Blaine County. Along the way, Michael asks Trevor what exactly they are helping Trevor with. Trevor explains to Michael and Franklin how he raided the O’Neil’s farm, killed most of the men and blew up the entire meth lab after learning about how the O’Neils stole the contract with the Chengs from him.

As soon as the trio arrives at Trevor’s airstrip, Franklin borrows Trevor’s car so he, Michael, and Chop can head back to town. Trevor agrees and tells Michael he will see him at Casa Phillips. Michael thanks him for warning him.

Predator Gold Medal Objectives

  • Accuracy – Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%.
    • Use Michael’s special ability to land those headshots cleanly.
  • Time – Complete within 09:00.
    • Skip the cutscenes.
    • Switch to Franklin ASAP.
  • Headshots – Kill three enemies with a headshot.
    • Use Michael’s special ability to land headshots.
  • Thin the Herd– Don’t kill any animals.
    • Do not touch the animals you encounter in the forest.

Predator Mission Guide

Follow the yellow marker on the map. However, as soon as Trevor explains the job to Michael, the play will immediately switch to Franklin.

Just keep tailing the O’Neil brothers’ SUV. Later down the road, they will head towards an unpaved road towards the forest. Feel free to use Franklin’s special ability to navigate the tight road.

The O’Neils will fall and crash. Get to the car so Franklin can start calling Trevor right away. After which, the play will switch to Trevor.

Follow the yellow marker to arrive at Trevor’s airfield.

Take the company chopper and make your way toward Franklin’s location.

As soon as you arrive at Franklin’s location, the play will switch to Michael. Feel free to use Michael’s special ability to land the headshots.

The first target should be around the lower right part of the forest.

The second target will be the nearby river.

The third target will have to be taken down on foot. The play will switch to Franklin. Just follow Chop towards the river.

Chop will lead you to the last O’Neil brother or use the rockets as a hint.

The play will switch to Trevor as soon as you kill the last O’Neil. Take the chopper to the marked location on the map to pick up Franklin and Chop.

Fly back to Trevor’s airfield.

Land the chopper at the yellow marker on the airfield.

Hunters Become the Hunted

Elwood, Walton, and Wynn were lucky to have survived Trevor’s onslaught when Trevor stormed the O’Neils’ farm, killed most of the O’Neil brothers, and blew up their meth lab.

The O’Neil brothers are back for revenge. However, Trevor also has his elite team with him this time and intends to end the O’Neils once and for all, as he did with the Lost MC.

Predator’s Gold Medal objectives are fairly straightforward, as the only objective you need to pay close attention to are the Accuracy and Headshots objectives. Both of which are easy to complete with Michael and his special ability. Just remember to skip the cutscenes and, as tempting as it might be, do not shoot the animals in the forest.

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