GTA 5: Pulling Favors Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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Tonya needs some help from Franklin.

GTA 5: Pulling Favors Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Pulling Favors is the first Strangers and Freaks mission in GTA 5 that involves Franklin Clinton. Despite being more of a side quest rather than the main storyline mission, completing Pulling Favors with a Gold Medal is essential in getting a 100% completion in GTA 5.

We have outlined everything you need to know about Pulling Favors and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing the mission in GTA 5.

Pulling Favors Synopsis

Franklin bumps into Tonya in their neighborhood in Strawberry. Franklin and Tonya catch up for a bit before Tonya asks Franklin for some help with JB’s job, saying JB is going to lose everything if Franklin doesn’t help Tonya with this one job.

Franklin asks Tonya where JB is. Tonya tells Franklin that JB is out somewhere smoking. Franklin tells Tonya he doesn’t know anything about towing cars, but Tonya insists she will show Franklin the ropes as they go.

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Franklin agrees, and the pair make their way to the Davis Sheriff Impound to pick up the tow truck for the job. After driving around town for a while, Franklin and Tonya get a tip from the Sheriff’s office about an abandoned car parked along San Andreas Avenue. Franklin and Tonya quickly make their way to the location to pick up the junker.

The pair arrive at the location and spot the junker almost immediately. With Tonya’s help, Franklin sets up the tow truck’s hook without too much effort. With the junker secured, the pair slowly make their way back to the Davis Sheriff Impound where Franklin leaves Tonya, the tow truck, and the junker.

Pulling Favors Gold Medal Objectives

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  • Time: Complete within 05:00.
  • Unhook Bonus: Keep the vehicle hooked until delivery.
    • Accelerate, brake, and steer smoothly as jerky movements can cause the car to become unhooked.

Pulling Favors Mission Guide

Head to the “?” icon in Strawberry to meet up with Tonya. You can skip the cutscene here to save time.

image 402

Drive to the Davis Sheriff Impound to get the tow truck.

image 403
image 404

Park your car and get in the tow truck. Wait for Tonya to get inside as well before you start driving.

image 405

Go to the abandoned car in San Andreas avenue.

image 408
image 407

Position the tow truck in front of the abandoned car. Move close to the abandoned car then lower the tow hook to latch it onto the abandoned car.

image 409

Remember to raise the car slightly before moving away from the area.

image 411

Drop the car in the “No Parking” spot in the Davis Sheriff Impound lot.

image 412
image 413
image 416

All In A Day’s Work

Pulling Favors is only the first favor that Franklin does for Tonya. There are a couple more waiting to be completed as part of the Strangers and Freaks missions in GTA 5.

Getting a Gold Medal in Pulling Favors is very easy. Just skip the cutscenes to save time and remember to drive as smoothly as possible while towing the abandoned car around town.

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