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Franklin, Michael, and Trevor can get even harder, better, faster, and stronger.

GTA 5: Stats Guide

GTA 5 brought in new gameplay mechanics never seen in any other Grand Theft Auto game in the franchise. One good example is the Auto-regeneration mechanic that forgoes the need to look for and acquire health packs in-game.

While the Auto-regeneration mechanic is a very nifty feature, it still relies on a specific Stat that dictates just how much damage our beloved protagonists can take before they kick the bucket – Strength.

Along with Strength are a few other Stats that can improve each of the protagonists’ ability to shoot accurately, pilot effectively, and swim longer underwater, among others. We go through every Stat type and what you can do to improve them in GTA 5.

What Are Stats in GTA 5?

There are eight unique Stats that you can improve on in GTA 5. These are:

  • Stamina
  • Shooting
  • Strength
  • Stealth
  • Flying
  • Driving
  • Lung Capacity
  • Special

Each of these statistics governs how well the protagonists interact with various situations and activities in the game.

Doing specific in-game actions can help improve each of these stats to help Franklin, Michael, and Trevor become the best version of themselves in-game.

How to Increase GTA 5 Stats

Below is a list of all eight stats, their effects, and how to improve or increase their values in GTA 5.

StatEffectsHow to Increase
StaminaImproves endurance when sprinting, swimming, pedaling, or doing other aerobic activities.Running gives +1% Stamina every 18 yards.

Swimming gives 1% Stamina per minute.

Cycling gives 1% Stamina per minute.
ShootingImproves accuracy, increases magazine capacity, and speeds up reload times.Shooting Stat improves per enemy hit.
Landing headshots can also improve the Shooting Stat.

Going to the Shooting Range and completing the Shooting Range Challenges improves Shooting Stat by:

3% (Gold)
2% (Silver)
1% (Bronze)
StrengthIncreases player’s damage dealt, durability, climbing ability, and performance when playing Sports. Strength is increased every time you engage in a fistfight. Playing Sports such as Tennis or Golf also improves Strength.

Michael can gain Strength even faster by completing a set in Tennis and winning.
StealthImproves movement speed and dampens noise made in Stealth Mode. Complete Stealth Mode & Stealth Takedowns.
FlyingDampens wind effects when piloting an aircraft. Improves maneuverability when piloting aircraft. Improve by flying extensively or attending Flight School.
DrivingIncreases proficiency in performing vehicular tricks. Complete Stunt Jumps. Induce vehicular maneuvers.
Lung CapacityDictates how long the protagonists can hold their breath underwater. Diving and swimming underwater without Scuba Gear improves Lung Capacity.
SpecialImproves the duration and capacity of the protagonists’ Special Abilities. Michael – scoring headshots and spamming his Special Ability while on a killing spree.

Franklin – improved by doing vehicular maneuvers around traffic and spamming his special ability while driving.

Trevor – improves each time Trevor takes and deals damage.

Harder Better Faster Stronger

As you progress through GTA 5’s story mode, missions will become more and more difficult to complete without dying. If Franklin, Michael, or Trevor run around Los Santos with low stat values, you will have a more difficult time staying alive when more enemies are thrown at you in-game.

The list above should give you a good idea about what every Stat does in GTA 5, so you can go out and do activities that improve each of the Stats for the game’s protagonists.

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