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Thinking about buying a Clubhouse in GTA V? We have you covered.

GTA V: How To Buy Clubhouse

You can buy multiple properties in GTA V. You can buy an entire building and use it as an office, and you can even own an Arcade of your own. However, if you’re an avid motorcycle fan and own a decent selection of motorcycles in GTA V, you might want to buy a Clubhouse.

This quick guide will show you how to buy Clubhouse in GTA V.

What is a Clubhouse in GTA V?

Clubhouses are purchasable properties added back in the Bikers update in GTA V. A Clubhouse serves as your hideout, recreational facility, and parking garage for your motorcycles.

You can store up to 10 motorcycles in a Clubhouse in GTA V. You can also purchase the optional bike shop option that lets you modify/fix your motorcycles. A Gun Locker is also available, enabling you to store various weapons within the Clubhouse.

Lastly, you can use the Clubhouse laptop to engage in illicit businesses through an anonymity network called The Open Road.

How To Buy a Clubhouse in GTA V?

Like most properties in GTA V, you can buy the Clubhouse through the Maze Bank Foreclosures website.

  1. Bring up the in-game smartphone.
Access the in-game smartphone to buy a clubhouse in GTA V

2. Access the web browser.

Buy a Clubhouse in GTA V through Maze Bank Foreclosures

3. Locate Maze Bank Foreclosures.

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4. Click on the Clubhouse button to sort the pins.

Sort the available Clubhouses in GTA V by pressing the clubhouse button

5. Click on your desired Clubhouse.

Pick the clubhouse you want to buy in GTA V

6. Click the Buy button to purchase the Clubhouse.

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All Clubhouse Locations

There are 12 Clubhouse locations in GTA V. Most of these Clubhouses are concentrated around the Los Santos and San Andreas area, while the rest can be found near Sandy Shores and Paleto Bay.

Del Perro Beach Clubhouse

Del Perro Beach Clubhouse in GTA V
image 154 8

Location: 7 Del Perro Beach

Price: $365,000

Downtown Vinewood Clubhouse

Downtown Vinewood Clubhouse in GTA V
image 150

Location: 2214 Clinton Avenue

Price: $472,000

Grapeseed Clubhouse

Grapeseed Clubhouse in GTA V
image 150 15

Location: 2111 East Joshua Road

Price: $225,000

Great Chaparral

Great Chaparral Clubhouse in GTA V
image 150 19

Location: 101 Route 68

Price: $200,000 (Free With Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack)

Hawick Clubhouse

Hawick Clubhouse in GTA V
image 151

Location: 1778 Hawick Avenue

Price: $495,000

La Mesa Clubhouse

You can buy the La Mesa Clubhouse in GTA V for $449,000
image 154 2

Location: 137 Capital Boulevard

Price: $449,000

Paleto Bay Clubhouse 1

1 28
2 25

Location: 1 Paleto Boulevard

Price: $242,000

Paleto Bay Clubhouse 2

image 150 12
image 150 13

Location: 68 Paleto Boulevard

Price: $250,000

Pillbox Hill Clubhouse

image 154
image 153

Location: 75 Elgin Avenue

Price: $455,000

Rancho Clubhouse

image 154 3
image 154 4

Location: 1334 Roy Lowenstein Boulevard

Price: $420,000

Sandy Shores Clubhouse

image 150 16
image 150 17

Location: 47 Algonquin Boulevard

Price: $210,000

Vespucci Beach Clubhouse

image 154 5
image 154 6

Location: 4 Goma Street

Price: $395,000

Where is the best place to buy a Clubhouse in GTA V?

The best Clubhouse to buy in GTA V comes down to personal preference. It doesn’t matter which one you buy since Clubhouses typically only serve as storage for your motorcycles. You will probably go to the Clubhouse only when you purchase it.

You do not have to go to the Clubhouse to manage your MC Businesses, as these are separate from the Clubhouse. Just pick the Clubhouse location you like the best and purchase it.

Grown Man’s Playhouse

Clubhouses do not have many uses in GTA V. You can use the property to store and modify your motorcycles, but aside from that, there isn’t much to do with these properties.

If you want to purchase a Clubhouse in GTA V, just pick the one that fits your budget and choose a location close enough to your other businesses to reduce travel time.

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