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Show off your love for motorcycles by registering as an MC President in GTA V.

GTA V: How To Register as MC President

You’ll be hard-pressed not to find things to do in GTA V. After you complete the game’s Story Mode, you can start your quest to get Gold Medal on every mission in the game or complete all the side quests in Strangers & Freaks. And then there are the 60 Random Events you can complete to get various rewards.

If you ever get bored of playing offline, however, there’s always the option to play GTA V Online, where you can build your empire as a CEO or even start a motorcycle club as an MC President.

We have already covered How to Become a CEO in GTA 5 on PlayerAssist, so we will show you how to register as MC President in GTA V in this quick guide.

What is an MC President?

MC President, or Motorcycle Club President, is a player registered as President of a Motorcycle Club in GTA V.

Register as MC President to run your own motorcycle club in GTA V

MC Presidents must own a Clubhouse to run a motorcycle club and take on a similar role to a CEO, where they can organize Club Work, Businesses, and Challenges for their members.

Speaking of members, a Motorcycle Club can have up to 8 members (including the MC President). The MC President can recruit other members and assign roles to each club member.

The MC President can also purchase warehouses via The Open Road Network. Motorcycle Clubs can own up to one of each warehouse type. These warehouses can be used to generate income for the Club.

  • Document Forgery
  • Weed Farm
  • Counterfeit Cash
  • Methamphetamine
  • Cocaine

Lastly, The MC President can do the following:

  • Find Prospects
  • Manage MC
    • Rename the Club ($50,000)
    • Assign roles to prospect members and check their session progress.
    • Dismiss a member and give out an order to the MC to kill the member.
  • Choose the clothing style of MC members.
  • Turn friendly fire On/Off.
  • Assign a Road Captain to start a race at the start of an activity.
  • Dictate Riding Style (Relaxed/Regular)
  • Initiate Riding Formation (Lead/Open/None)
    • MC members gain increased health/armor regeneration and a speed boost when riding behind the leader.
  • Start Club Work
  • Start Club Challenges
  • Disband the MC completely.

How to Register as MC President in GTA V?

You can only register as an MC President after purchasing a Clubhouse in GTA V. After you purchase a Clubhouse, you can register yourself as MC President through the Interaction menu.

  1. Bring up the Interaction Menu:
  • Press M on the PC
  • Press and hold the touchpad on Playstation
  • Press the View Button on Xbox
1 4 2

2. Select “Register As a Boss.”

Register as a Boss to register as an MC President in GTA V

3. Choose Motorcycle Club President.

3 10 1

Can you register as MC President in Solo?

A Solo Session in GTA V is different from a Public Lobby session. You cannot engage in businesses in a Solo Session, so you cannot register as a CEO, VIP, or MC President.

Solo Sessions are great for exploring GTA V/GTA Online without the risk of having grievers ruining your time. However, you must play in a Public Session to be registered as MC President in GTA V.

Can you register as MC President and CEO at the same time?

No, you cannot register as MC President and CEO simultaneously. You can only assume one executive role at a time in GTA V.

To become an MC President in GTA V, you must first resign as a CEO and purchase a Clubhouse. Afterward, you can register as MC President through the Interaction menu in the guide above.

On the other hand, if you want to become a CEO but are currently an MC President, you first have to disband your Motorcycle Club and then resign as MC President before you can register as CEO.

Motorcycle Club Boss

As MC President, you can organize activities and challenges for your small group of 8 members. You can start various businesses and even lead your group’s convoy when cruising around the game.

Refer to the guide above to register as MC President in GTA V.

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