Hades: How to Get Zagreus and Megaera Back Together


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Zagreus can build and deepen relationships with other NPCs in Supergiant Games’ Hades. One of these is Zagreus’ relationship with Megaera. At the beginning of the game, Zag and Meg had already broken up after she learns Zag wants to leave the Underworld as, in her perspective, Zag is avoiding his family and responsibilities. Whether you ship them or not, it is possible to rekindle the spark of their relationship and get them back together. Read on to learn how.

Hades: How to Get Zagreus and Megaera Back Together

Nectar Offering

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As with every NPC in the game, Zagreus can give them Nectar to build and strengthen relationships with them. Zag must first give Meg a total of six bottles of Nectar to start building their relationship back. 

Giving her Nectar can be quite difficult for a couple of reasons. First is Nectar is quite a rare Artifact currency and hard to obtain. Nectar can be obtained by going on Underworld escape runs (raising Heat in the Pact of Punishment can help), selecting certain Boons, fishing in Elysium, purchasing from Charon’s Shop or Wretched Broker (regularly check with the Wretched Broker for better deals), and completing prophecies from the Fated List of Minor Prophecies (click this for an in-depth guide on Nectar farming).

Another reason is that, even if you have the Nectar, Megaera cannot be given Nectar when you encounter her as a boss in Tartarus and can only be given Nectar when she is in the House of Hades. However, Meg will not always be available in the House of Hades to be given Nectar to. She will usually appear in the House of Hades after a run where you encountered her. Check the lounge area after your runs, as Meg is typically lounging there.

Gifting Megaera Nectar for the first time will result in Meg giving you the Skull Earring Keepsake, which is very useful for Underworld escape attempts. Equipping Skull Earring will increase Zag’s damage output when his HP is below a certain percentage. Damage output will increase even more after the Keepsake ranks up.

Megaera’s Favor

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After giving NPCs enough Nectar, you can not give them anything, and they will ask Zagreus for a favor before he can further build and strengthen relationships with them. Megaera’s favor is one of the easiest as you do not have to do anything special. All you have to do is go on your runs and beat the Furies. After beating them a certain number of times, Megaera will appear in Zagreus’ room and explain she is only trying to stop his escape attempts because she is forced to do it as this is her obligation. After this conversation, Zag can now give Megaera a new Artifact currency every time you see her in the House of Hades called Ambrosia.

Ambrosia Offering

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After all that mentioned above happened, Zagreus can now give Megaera Ambrosia to increase their relationship further.

Ambrosia is even more challenging to obtain for a couple of reasons. Ambrosia is harder to find than Nectar and more expensive to purchase. Ambrosia can be obtained by going on Underworld escape runs (raising Heat in the Pact of Punishment can also help), purchasing from the Wretched Broker for 2 Diamond (regularly check for better deals), fishing in Greece, and completing prophecies in the Fated List of Minor Prophecies.

Additionally, when giving Megaera Nectar, you will not always find her in the House of Hades. You would have to do at least one more run so she will appear in the lounge in the House of Hades.

The first time you give Ambrosia to Megaera, she will give you Companion Battie, which can help in battle by summoning Megaera to deal damage in a line in front of Zagreus. Give Meg a total of four Ambrosia to max out Zag’s affinity with her.

The Choice

After maxing out your relationship with Megaera, she will again appear in Zagreus’ bedroom. A series of dialogue will happen between Zag and Meg then she will give you a choice to remain friends or be in a relationship with her. If you searched for this guide, then you are going for the latter.

Even if all this has been achieved, Zag may still fight Meg as the boss of Tartarus as, again, it’s her obligation.

Even if you have already completed this and Zagreus is now in a relationship with Megaera,  Zagreus can also be in a romantic relationship with Thanatos and Dusa all at the same time without any negative repercussions.

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