How to get the Kappa Container in Escape From Tarkov


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Escape From Tarkov is a game with no real objective, and those who play it are left to decide on their end goal for themselves. For many players that enjoy having a specific concrete reward as their target, the Kappa container is it.

How to get the Kappa Container in Escape From Tarkov

What is the Kappa Container

kappa container escape from tarkov

Secure Container Kappa is the largest Secure Container in the game, sitting at 3×4, 3 cells larger than even the Gamma container that the $150 EoD edition of the game starts with. This container is technically capable of fitting two whole Grizzly med kits with room to spare.

How to get the Kappa Container

Fence quest collector

Luckily, how you get the Kappa container is simple to explain but not easy.

You need to Fence’s quest “Collector”. Collector only becomes available after completing every quest in the game excluding

⦁ Charisma brings success
⦁ Hippocratic Vow
⦁ Import
⦁ Regulated materials
⦁ The stylish one
⦁ Textile – Part 1 and Part 2
⦁ Trust regain

Once you’ve unlocked the quest, Collector requires you to find each of the following items in a raid, extract alive with them due to the “found in raid”mechanic, and turn them into Fence.

⦁ Old firesteel
⦁ Antique axe
⦁ Battered antique Book
⦁ FireKlean gun lube
⦁ Golden rooster
⦁ Silver Badge
⦁ Deadlyslob’s beard oil
⦁ Golden 1GPhone
⦁ Jar of DevilDog mayo
⦁ Can of sprats
⦁ Fake mustache
⦁ Kotton beanie
⦁ Can of Dr. Lupo’s coffee beans
⦁ Pestily plague mask
⦁ Raven figurine
⦁ Shroud half-mask

Once you’ve turned in every item and completed this quest, you’re rewarded with the Secure Container Kappa.

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