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Every release of a new game version comes with new content, including new exploration and elemental mechanics. When Sumeru arrived, the Dendro Element was introduced, and new creatures were added to the vast world of Teyvat; some are called the Tri-Lakshana Creatures.

Genshin Impact: Tri-Lakshana Creatures Guide

So, what are the Tri-Lakshana Creatures?

Tri-Lakshana Creatures are things and beings in the Sumeru that have special interaction and combat mechanics related to the Dendro Elemental Reactions. They have Dendro as their base or original element and will enter three different states when certain elemental types are applied to them. Lakshana means attribute or quality in Sanskrit—an ancient Indo-European language of India, which explains how this new mechanic works.

These creatures are Bouncy Mushrooms, Dream Flowers, Fungi, Puffing Mushrooms (unofficial name), Dendro Piles, Seed Mirrors, Starshrooms, and Tri-Yana Seeds.

Three States of the Tri-Lakshana Creatures

The three states that the Tri-Lakshana Creatures can enter are Normal, Scorched, and Activated, and the Elements needed for them to enter such states are Pyro, Electro, and Dendro.

Normal State

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This is the default state of the Tri-Lakshana Creatures, and they will return to this state depending on certain conditions, such as time and Elemental application. Applying Dendro to a Scorched Tri-Lakshana Creature will bring it back to its normal state, while most will return to its normal state from being in an Activated state for several seconds.

Scorched State

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If you use Pyro attacks and apply the element to a Tri-Lakshana Creature, it will enter the Scorched state, looking dry and dead. In this state, the creature will be disabled or stop its function or activity. However, if you apply Dendro to this Scorched Tri-Lakshana Creature, it will return to its Normal state.

Activated State

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When you use Electro Elemental attacks on a Tri-Lakshana Creature, it will enter the Activated state where normal functions or purposes will get enhanced. The most common example is the Bouncy Mushroom, which, when activated, will allow players to bounce or jump off it higher than they normally can.

The Activated state of the Tri-Lakshana Creatures is mostly temporary, and as its effects wear off, the creature will return to its Normal state. There will also be some visual indications if the Tri-Lakshana Creature is in an Activated state, such as stripes on its surface and electricity flowing out of it.

As a Tri-Lakshana Creature gets inflicted with Electro, it will unleash Truesense Pulse that could show you the location of hidden things in the area, if any.

Tri-Lakshana Creatures in Different States

Bouncy Mushrooms

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Bouncy Mushrooms allow you to hop and bounce on them; when in an Activated state, you will bounce off higher than usual.

Applying Pyro to this will put it in a Scorched state and disable the bouncing-off function. To return it to its Normal state, hit it with a Dendro Elemental Attack.

Puffing Mushrooms (unofficial name)

This type of mushroom puffs out powder when approached. Such powder will deal with AOE True Dendro Damage. If triggered to enter the Activated state, this mushroom will puff out a cloud of poison around it, which deals a continuous AOE True Dendro Damage at 0.5 intervals.

Using Pyro will dry out the mushroom entering the Scorched state and no longer release anything when approached. Using Dendro can regenerate the mushroom to return to its Normal state.

Tri-Yana Seeds

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These mysterious creatures float around following a certain path and can be triggered to enter the three different states by applying specific elements to them.

When inflicted with Pyro, it will enter its Scorched form and stop moving. However, it will release an even larger Truesense Pulse in Activated form. This will help you locate certain hidden things, treasures, and puzzle clues.


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Starshrooms are small yellow mushrooms you can initially find in the Underground Mines of The Chasm. It is considered a food item and can restore 300 HP when consumed. You can use Pyro and Electro if you want it to be converted into a Scorched of Activated types and modify its benefits.

An Activated Starshroom will restore 800 HP when consumed. To collect one, you must inflict Electro to a normal Starshroom and pick it up within 10 seconds. Otherwise, it will revert to its Normal state. A Scorched Starshroom will restore 1 HP when consumed and can be obtained by inflicting Pyro to a Normal Starshroom. Using Dendro attacks to this Scorched type will revert it to a Normal type.

Starshrooms found in the Chasm’s Underground Mines cannot be converted to a Scorched type or an Activated one.

Dendro Piles

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Dendro Piles are these branches or roots that wrap around rocks and usually hide things like treasures or monsters.

Inflicting it with Dendro will cause the branch to rise and lift the rock. Applying Electro to it will temporarily lift it. If you use Pyro on these things, it will simply wither and not do anything.

Dream Flowers

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These are flowers found in Phantasmal Gate challenges in Sumeru. Their Normal state will help repel the enemy’s aggressive behaviors toward nearby players.

This effect will be removed when the flower is Activated and marks the locations of the remaining Phantasmal Seeds instead. Dream Flowers will dry out and lose its effects when in a Scorched state.

Seed Mirrors

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This type of Tri-Lakshana Creature is a device found on top of towers in Sumeru. It is used to locate nascent Withering Zones.

Electro needs to be used on this one to activate it and be used to locate the nearby hidden Aranara. However, putting it in a Scorched state using Pyro will disable its function. Also, a Seed Mirror cannot be used within the range of the Withering Zone until the problem is cleared.


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These are an evolved species of mushrooms found in the Chasm: Underground Mines and the entire Sumeru.

When in a Scorched state, a fungus’ attack speed will decrease but deal more damage. But when in an Activated state, it will attack much faster.

Defeating normal fungi will drop Fungal Spores, Lumines­cent Pollen, and Crystal­line Cyst Dust, while the scorched and activated ones will drop Inactivated Fungal Nucleus, Dormant Fungal Nucleus, and Robust Fungal Nucleus. The latter will also give thrice the EXP that a normal fungus gives.

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