How to Win the Harvest Festival in Coral Island


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Here’s how to win the Harvest Festival in Coral Island.

How to Win the Harvest Festival in Coral Island

Coral Island has been available on early access for a while. Still, the game has just recently been released, and everyone has been raving out this massive farm simulator with some sim-dating elements.

While players are encouraged to plant crops, explore places, and mingle with townfolks as the main gameplay loop, Coral Island holds some special events that could serve as fun sidequests for characters to look forward to—particularly the Harvest Festival.

A screenshot of gameplay from Coral Island
via: LADY MADCRAB/Youtube

What is the Harvest Festival

The Harvest Festival is the first event of the Fall, which will allow the citizens of Coral Island to come together and celebrate their bountiful harvests. Besides the contest for the farmers, the festival also comes with several minigames and side quests for the player to pursue, not to mention a stall at the Harvest Festival that will allow players to buy items at cheaper prices.

The Harvest Festival takes place on the 15th of the Fall at Alun-Alun Square on the east side of the Lake. Players will receive their first notification of the Harvest Festival on the 5th and a letter from the mayor the morning before the day of the Festival. The mayor’s letter will read:

Starlet Town Residents,

The Harvest Festival is tomorrow at 7 pm in Alun-Alun Square. Remember to bring your six best items for the harvest display contest.


Mayor Connor

The celebration will begin when the player interacts with the festival orb after 19:00, and when the festival starts, the in-game clock will freeze to allow players a chance to walk around and enjoy the event for as long as they like.

The festival will end once you leave the location, and you will spawn in front of your home at 21:00.

A screenshot of gameplay from Coral Island
via: LADY MADCRAB/Youtube

Harvest Festival Criteria

As pointed out in the mayor’s letter, players are encouraged to come to the festival with their six best items that will be put up for display. The six categories will include:

Vegetables – any vegetable

Fruits – any fruit

Flowers – any flower

Coop Products – items like feathers and eggs

Barn Products – items including wool, milk, or gesha coffee beans

Artisinal Products – items like honey, cheese, syrup, beer, juice, or tofu

Once you enter the Harvest Festival, you’ll find some empty crates to put your items inside, which will be your entries into the contest. Your products will be based on three things:

– Base Price of your item

– Quality of your item

– And the Variety of your items. To win, you must have one product in every category. Each product will earn a contestant 6 points, so having a product in all six categories will earn you an extra 36 points.

Based on the categories, players will want to enter their most expensive and quality items in each category. This will ensure the highest points return once they start tallying the entries.

A screenshot of gameplay from Coral Island
via: Shaystylez/Youtube

Bobby, Your Rival

Of course, what is competition without a little rivalry? Another farmer, Bobby from Beluga Bay, will be your main match when you enter the contest. His numbers will be the one to beat if you want to win the Harvest Festival.

Luckily, Bobby’s numbers are chosen randomly, but each year, he’ll be coming for more and more points, which means you have to bring in better products with each Harvest Festival. According to dotesports, these are the numbers that Bobby will bring in every year:

Year One – Bobby will earn 96 points by submitting six large quail eggs (Base Price 488, Silver Quality)

Year Two – Bobby will get 130 points with two grape wines (BP 970, Gold), two black truffles (BP 930, Gold), and two melons (BP 350, Gold).

Year Three and Onwards – Bobby will get 140 points for randomly submitted items; most will be gold and osmium quality, and they will cost between 540 and 2,700 coins.

Different Ranks for Harvest Festival Winners

With Bobby’s numbers in mind, the bar has been set, and you can now find out just how many of the numbers you have to gain to win the festival. Here are the ranks for the winners:

Novice Farmer – For farmers who earn less than 75 points, they’ll also throw in a commemorative flower bouquet.

Beginner Farmer – Earn 75-109 points; you’ll also win a Mooncake.

Intermediate Farmer – Needs 110-139 points; this rank will win you an upgraded Sprinkler and 2 Mooncakes.

Advanced Farmer – Needs 140-159 points; the reward is 3 Mooncakes and one Graven Giants Ring.

Legendary Farmer – Needs upwards of 160 points. The first win will get you a Stamina Fruit and 4 Mooncakes. Subsequent wins will get you an auto-harvest and 4 Mooncakes.

How to Win the Harvest Festival

There are several ways to win the Harvest Festival based on what kind of points you can earn and which items you will submit. This is the chart of points you can accumulate based on the Coral Island fandom wiki:

Based on the chart, the highest number of points you can get in the Harvest Festival is 186, but since there aren’t any vegetables in the game that are worth more than 300, the most points you can make are 181—about 21 points more than the minimum required to earn a Legendary Farmer rank.

Of course, the numbers to beat belong to Bobby, so you’ll have to make sure the items you submit can top the points he’ll be able to gather. Depending on the year, you can submit these to make sure you can top Bobby:

Year One – 6 silver quality products

Year Two – 6 gold quality products

Year Three onwards – at least two osmium-quality products with high base prices and four gold-quality with regular base prices.

You don’t have to strictly follow the guide when it comes to winning, but at least this will make sure that you’ll be able to beat Bobby’s score and win the Festival.

A screenshot of gameplay from Coral Island
via: LADY MADCRAB/Youtube

Harvest Festival Side Quests

Of course, the Harvest Festival has more to it than just your rivalry with Bobby. Besides the discounted items and the contest, there are also some side activities for players to get into while the Festival is going down.

Apple Bobbing – To the left of the giant chicken, you’ll see a large tub of water filled with apples. The game’s goal will be to eat as many apples as possible—just make sure to avoid the rotten apples that will effectively stun your progress. The rewards include:

Third Place – 1 Apple Jam

Second Place – 1 Apple Pie

First Place – 1 Apple Sappling and 100 Merit Points

A screenshot of gameplay from Coral Island
via: LADY MADCRAB/Youtube

Smashing Pumpkins – The game’s goal is to smash as many pumpkins as possible before time runs out. Like the apple game, you must avoid the rotten pumpkins because they reduce your points. You can also smash multiple pumpkins in a row to make a combo, but including a rotten pumpkin would break it. The rewards for this game include:

Third Place – 1 Pumpkin Pie

Second Place – 2 Pumpkin Pies

First Place – 3 Pumpkin Pies and 100 Merit Points

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