Craftopia : How To Get Bioethanol



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You need to be crafting a lot in Craftopia in order to advance. It’s in the name. The game puts a lot of emphasis on crafting, as the most crucial aspect of the game.

Craftopia : How To Get Bioethanol

One of the materials you will need in Craftopia is Bioethanol. This crafting resource can create other things, such as a hot air balloon, heavy machinery, objects, etc. It is an essential item for creating said things so, that’s why it is vital to know how to get Bioethanol.

How To Get Bioethanol In Craftopia

It would be best if you had advanced a bit to unlock Bioethanol. It would help if you were ready also to craft Wheat Flour and a cooking pot.

However, it would be best if you had wheat. To get wheat, you need to create wheat fields. After that, you will need to water them with buckets. After you have done that, you can harvest your wheat.

Let’s find out how to get Bioethanol!

  • Craft a Stone Workbench and place it.
  • Open the crafting menu and scroll down to Cooking Facility. Select Ripening Chamber and craft. Required:
  • Iron Ingot x5
  • Stone x5
  • Bone x2
  • Make a Cooking Pot if you don’t have wheat flour.
  • Use the Cooking Pot to make wheat flour.
  • Required: Wheat x2
  • Lastly, go to your Ripening Chamber and craft Bioethanol!
  • Required: Wheat Flour x10

The Ripening Chamber is a way to age your food. You can mature your food to the stage that you need. The making of Bioethanol is a bonus. This is also stated in the description.

Finally, you can sell your Ripening Chamber for 1020 coins when you don’t need it anymore. Good luck, survivor!

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