Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild: Owa Daim Shrine Guide


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One of the first few Shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the Owa Daim Shrine or the Stasis Trial. This shrine is one of four shrines that Link needs to complete before being able to leave the Great Plateau region.

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild: Owa Daim Shrine Guide

This shrine is also Link’s introduction to Stasis, which is a useful Rune ability that can store kinetic energy by freezing objects in time. The kinetic energy stored will act upon the object when time resumes, which can help Link move large objects. This Rune ability can be used to stop time for dangerous obstacles, like  big boulders rolling towards Link, or for manipulating Link’s surroundings. After using Stasis, Link may only use it again once the timer gauge is done. The Stasis ability is used to complete this shrine and is used throughout the game.

Link will receive Spirit Orbs after completing Shrines. These Spirit Orbs can be exchanged for more Heart Containers or Stamina Vessels. There are a total of 120 Shrines all over Hyrule, which means Link will be able to get a total of 120 Spirit Orbs.


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The Owa Daim Shrine is located south of the Great Plateau Region. The Shrine is at the top of a cliff that can be reached by climbing up the actual cliff it is on and stopping on the platforms to regain stamina, or by climbing up the hills at the southwest of the Temple of Time and traveling south.

The Stasis Trial

To complete the Owa Daim Shrine, this is what Link must do:

  1. Upon entering Owa Daim Shrine, interact with the terminal to obtain the Stasis Rune ability.
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  1. The bridge to the other platform is being spun by the huge gear. Hold down the up directional button and select the Stasis ability then press L to select an object to freeze in time. Objects that can be used Stasis on will glow with a yellow color. Aim on the huge gear then press A to freeze it in time when it’s in a straight line that forms a bridge. Cross the bridge before the Stasis timer runs out and the gear resumes spinning.
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  1. There will be a long ramp with giant boulders rolling in them one at a time. Watch out for these boulders as they can hit Link and throw him over the edge. Wait for one to pass the entrance of the ramp, then run up as fast as you can until you reach the next platform before another boulder starts rolling, or, to give you enough time, ready and aim the Stasis ability and activate it on the boulder while it is still further up the ramp.
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  1. There will be a chest at the very top of the ramp where the boulders will start rolling. To get to the chest, you can do one of two things: you can just run up as soon as the boulder passes the entryway, or you can activate the Stasis ability while the boulder is further down to freeze it and no boulder will fall from the source. The chest will contain a Traveler’s Shield
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  1. Go back down and continue on the path and equip the Iron Sledgehammer by the wall.
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  1. Then, there will be a narrow bridge with a huge boulder blocking the way. Use the Stasis ability on the boulder and hit it with the Iron Sledgehammer as much as you can to store as much kinetic energy as possible. Once the Stasis timer runs out, the kinetic energy is released and the boulder will go flying out of the way.
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  1. Then, continue on the path, go up the altar, and talk to the monk to receive your Spirit Orb.
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After completing the Owa Daim Shrine, proceed to the Oman Au Shrine or the Magnesis trial to obtain the Magnesis ability, the Ja Baij Shrine or the Bomb Trial to obtain the Remote Bomb Rune ability, and the Keh Namut Shrine or the Cryonis Trial to obtain, you guessed it, the Cryonis Rune ability. After all these shrines, Link can finally leave the Great Plateau region and explore the rest of Hyrule.

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