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One of the Shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the Kayra Mah Shrine or the Greedy Hill. This shrine requires Link to go up and reach the top of a very steep floor with huge metal spheres and small metal spheres with spikes rolling from the top to access the altar. Before Link can access the shrine, however, Link must first complete the A Brother’s Roast Shrine Quest, which must be done before Link can access the shrine. This shrine may seem intimidating but is actually very easy to complete. This guide will teach you how to complete the A Brother’s Roast Shrine Quest, complete the Kayra Mah Shrine, obtain the chests inside, and claim the Spirit Orb.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild: Kayra Mah Shrine Guide

Link will receive Spirit Orbs for completing Shrines. You can exchange them for more Heart Containers or Stamina Vessels. As there are a total of 120 Shrines all over Hyrule, Link can get 120 Spirit Orbs. You can decide whether you want Link to have more Hearts or Stamina.


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As mentioned above, Link cannot immediately access the shrine. Still, it can be found inside the Gorko Tunnel, which is southwest of Gorko Lake and also southwest of the Bridge of Eldin (the shrine can be located east of the Southern Mine and north of the Eldin Tower). The Kayra Mah Shrine is one of nine shrines in the Eldin Tower region. 

It is worth noting that it is very hot in the area because the place is near lava and Death Mountain, so make sure that Link has armor that has Flame Guard like the Flamebreaker Set (Flamebreaker Helm, Armor, and Boots) or some Fireproof Elixirs so that the heat will not inflict damage to Link.

A Brother’s Roast

As mentioned above, Link must first complete the A Brother’s Roast Shrine Quest in order to access the Kayra Mah Shrine. 

To start the shrine quest, head to Goron City, which is west of Death Mountain, then enter the house on the left side of the city’s General Store, and there you will find a Goron man named Bladon. Talk to him, and he will tell Link that his reckless brother has not returned yet. Ask him about his brother on the prompt, and he will tell Link that Gonguron, his little brother, just took off after he said that he was going to dig up the secret of the hero. Ask him where Gonguron went, and Bladon will say that he is certain that Gonguron went off to Gorko Tunnel, which is southwest of Gorko Lake, as the bedrock inside that tunnel is incredibly rock. Hence, the other Gorons gave up trying to dig it ages ago. Bladon will then say that he would prefer to see Gonguron face reality and help them with their important Goron work instead of chasing his dreams. Then, like that, the A Brother’s Roast Shrine Quest started!

After that, head inside Gorko Tunnel (the location of the shrine mentioned above), and there, you will find a cooking pot and Gonguron lying on the ground near the dead end. Talk to Gonguron, and he will say that somewhere behind that dead end is the secret of the hero, and he knows that he will become great and important if he can find it. He will then say that his only problem is that he does not have the strength to go on, and he is very hungry. Then, suddenly, Bladon will appear and tell Link that he tried to think like his brother and do what he would do to find him. He will then ask Link for a favor to help Gonguron: to go and fetch him a Rock Roast in Gortram Cliff down the hill. Bladon will then say that he would like more than anything to get the Rock Roast, but his chronic condition called Goron Shoulder is preventing him from doing it. 

To help Gonguron, head out of Gorko Tunnel, follow the path on the left, head down the hill, and you will find Rock Roasts at the end of the path just ahead of the pool of lava at the bottom of the Gortram Cliff. Pick one up and bring it back to Bladon and Gonguron inside the Gorko Tunnel up the hill. 

It is worth noting that there are some monsters that Link will encounter as he goes down and back up the hill, like Fire Chuchus, Fire Keese, and a bunch of Moblins. It would be better to just run away from the monsters on the way down the hill as they will respawn once Link picks up a Rock Roast. As Link goes back up the hill with the Rock Roast, set it down somewhere flat before defeating the monsters so that it will not roll down towards the lava. It is not required to defeat the monsters, but it would be better to defeat them to eliminate the nuisance, especially the Moblins who will be shooting Fire Arrows at Link.

Additionally, make sure to watch out for the huge boulders that will roll down the cliffs, especially the biggest one, which will roll down once Link is near the entrance to Gorko Tunnel. 

Once Link is inside Gorko Tunnel and is near Bladon and Gonguron, the screen will fade to black. Then, once it fades back, the Rock Roast will be on the cooking pot, and Bladon will say that it is the finest rock roast he has ever seen, and he will start cooking it right now. After Bladon finishes cooking his deliciously grilled Rock Roast, Gonguron will sit up because of its smell. Then, Bladon will show him the grilled Rock Roast and tell him that he will eat it and love it then everything will be as it should be again. Gonguron will immediately eat the grilled Rock Roast. Then, after finishing it, his strength will be restored, and he will now be full of energy. He will then start digging on the dead end again and finally succeed as the wall will break and reveal the Kayra Mah Shrine. Gonguron will say that the hero’s secret has finally revealed itself to him. 

Finally, Bladon and Gonguron will dance for joy, and the A Brother’s Roast Shrine Quest is now complete! Link can now access the Kayra Mah Shrine!

Greedy Hill

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Upon entering the Kayra Mah Shrine, you will see that Link is in a big room with an entryway just ahead that has a small flight of stairs. To complete this shrine, this is what Link must do:

  1. First, enter the entryway, then up the small flight of stairs, and you will see a very steep path with three lanes. As soon as you step foot on the steep path, a bunch of large metal spheres will start rolling down the path then. After that, a bunch of small metal spheres with spikes will start rolling down the path then the large metal spheres will roll down again. This will be the pattern of rolling objects that Link has to evade as he goes up the slope. Link can run up the slope next to the dividers of the lanes and stay on the openings of the dividers to evade the rolling objects. It is worth noting that Link can use the Magnesis Rune ability or the Stasis Rune ability on the metal spheres rolling down the slope. It is also worth mentioning that a bunch of different colored Rupees will also roll down the slope, which Link can pick up.
  2. Head up the path while taking the lane on the right side, and, as Link goes up the slope, you will see an opening on the wall on the right side at around halfway up the slope. Go to the opening, and there you will find a chest. Open the chest to obtain a Ruby.
  3. After that, continue heading up the steep path while evading the large and small metal spheres with spikes and picking up the rolling Rupees. Head towards the entryway at the top of the slope.
  4. At the top, you will see the altar and the monk inside the entryway. Before heading to the altar and finishing the shrine, however, look back on the steep path, and you will see another chest on top of a small see-through platform on the wall on the right side (on the lane on the left when going up the slope). Jump from the top of the slope, quickly press the X button to use the Paraglider, and glide towards the small see-through platform with the chest. Open the chest to obtain five Bomb Arrows.
  5. Finally, head up the steep slope again, go through the entryway near the altar, talk to the monk, and claim your Spirit Orb!

As mentioned above, the Kayra Mah Shrine or the Greedy Hill is one of nine shrines in the Eldin Tower region. The other shrines are the Mo’a Keet Shrine, or the Metal Makes a Path, the Daqa Koh Shrine or the Stalled Flight, the Qua Raym Shrine or A Balanced Approach, the Shae Mo’sah Shrine or the Swinging Flames, the Sah Dahaj Shrine or the Power of Fire, the Tah Muhl Shrine or the Passing the Flame, Shora Hah Shrine or the Blue Flame, and the Gorae Torr Shrine or Gorae Torr’s Blessing.

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