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The tank role in Overwatch is best reserved for people who are not afraid to stand in the front lines. The role itself entrusts you to not just protect your allies but to contest the point as well. It’s a complex role to master but it is crucial that you learn to use at least two tank heroes in the game.

How To Master Reinhardt In Overwatch

One of the sturdiest main tanks in the game is Reinhardt. As one of the most resolute heroes in the game, Reinhardt is more than capable of protecting his allies but that isn’t to say that he doesn’t have a decent amount of damage capacity as well.

Reinhardt Abilities

Unlike the other tanks in the game, Reinhardt has the Steadfast passive. This prevents him from being knocked back easily and even if he does get knocked back, the effect will be minimal. 

This means you shouldn’t be too afraid to charge forward as this passive and Reinhardt’s shield and HP are both going to ensure your sustainability in battle. Just be mindful of skills like Halt, Hook, Graviton Surge, and Gravitic Flux as these can still affect Reinhardt.

Reinhardt’s weapon of choice is his Rocket Hammer. He’s one of the few melee heroes in the game. While the range is minimal, Rocket Hammer can easily chunk down heroes as it deals a whopping 85 damage per hit. To give you a glimpse of how strong it is, Reinhardt can take out small HP heroes like Tracer and Mercy in two hits.

It’s also worth noting that Rocket Hammer damages heroes in a crescent area in front of Reinhardt. Swinging into enemies whether they’re fighting or fleeing will make you a force to be reckoned with.

Reinhardt’s primary ability is his shield, Barrier Field. This shield deflects most projectiles in the game. When raised, Reinhardt’s mobility is reduced but it does allow him to protect allies and provide crucial cover. It can block burst damage ultimate abilities like D.Va’s Self-Destruct and McCree’s High-Noon.

Don’t be too reliant on Reinhardt’s shield as it can get destroyed rather easily. It would be wise to notify your team if the barrier’s about to be down so that they are prepared for it. It takes around 6-8 seconds for the shield to fully replenish. Shield management is a large part of playing the character; you’ll need to pop the barrier up when necessary. Remember that if your shield’s HP goes to 0 it will take longer to get it back up, so let it down before it dies and give it time to regenerate itself.

One of Reinhardt’s boldest abilities is Charge. If it connects, you almost guarantee a kill against any of the DPS or support heroes. If you miss, however, you’re going to leave your team vulnerable to attacks as well. As much as possible, point your Charge to a nearby wall so that you can get back to your team and be the frontline. Charge can also cancel most abilities in the game like Reaper’s Deathblossom or an enemy Reinhardt’s Earthshatter.

Reinhardt also has a ranged ability called Firestrike. This can deal massive damage and it can pass through enemy shields as well. It’s a good attack to use for heroes that are running away or those that are far from Reinhardt’s reach. Be very careful when you use Firestrike because while it deals good damage, it does take a while to cool down. This ranged attack is mainly used to help you build your ultimate and finish off squishy targets on the battlefield. Send it through Baptiste’s Amplification Matrix to double the damage and kill almost any DPS or Support hero in one shot.

Earthshatter is one of the most disruptive crowd control (cc) abilities in the game. If you time it well, you can knock down an entire enemy team – leaving them vulnerable to abilities and attacks from your team.

However, Reinhardt’s ability can be hard to get value from. What you need to know is that Earthshatter affects heroes in a cone-shaped area in front of Reinhardt. If there are any obstructions in front of Reinhardt, then the enemies behind those obstructions are not going to be affected; those on high ground cannot be affected as well.

It’s best to use Earthshatter as a means to halt the offensive charge of the enemy team. Keep in mind that the ability can be blocked by other barriers as well. Earthshatter is an ultimate that relies on outplaying the enemy team – sometimes using it blindly around a corner is the only hope, just ask Florida Mayhem streamer Flats.

When To Use And When Not To Use Reinhardt

Reinhardt is best utilized when paired with an off-tank that compliments him well, like Zarya and DVA. If you’re playing on a map that has a lot of high ground, you might want to rethink picking Rein, as he isn’t the most… agile of heroes. Hey, it’s not his fault he’s a big German man in a giant mechanical suit of armor.

Reinhardt is the perfect partner for Ana as he can become quite the monster when Nano Boost is used on him. He benefits greatly from pocket healing so aside from Ana, he can also work well with Mercy and Zenyatta – anyone that can pocket him or allow him to crank out more damage.

Reinhardt is arguably one of the most utilized tanks in the lower ranks in the game. If you aren’t careful with him though, you can end up being a burden on your team instead of being a force to be reckoned with. With this guide, you’ll be the best tank for your team in no time.

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