Minecraft: How to Find Sugar Cane (All Versions)


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Despite what many players think, sugar cane is very important to have in Minecraft. The main reason is that you can get paper from it, which you will definitely need to do to start upgrading and enchanting your gear.

Minecraft: How to Find Sugar Cane (All Versions)

It has other uses too, for example, sugar. There are unbelievable amounts of recipes which will require sugar. But still, where can you find this interesting plant?

Most are unaware of its spawns and mechanics, so we will show you where you can find it, and tell you all about it, for any version of Minecraft.

Where to Find Sugar Cane in Minecraft (Any Version)

You need a few things to get Sugar Cane. Those are water and some kind of ground, most likely sand or dirt.

Sugar Canes don’t grow anywhere else except next to water! The highest chance of finding Sugar Cane is at the desert biome.

That is not to say that you can’t find it at other places too. Even 1×1 water sources might sprout out Sugar Canes next to it.

You can technically get it from a Wandering Trader too, but will cost you one emerald to get one. Don’t do anything rash, Sugar Cane is not worth for even a tenth of an emerald!

sugar cane in minecraft

It’s relatively easy to find, just make sure you are following a shore line, or go to a beach. In 100 block radiuses, there is almost a guarantee that you will find this plant.

How Does Sugar Cane Work and Grow?

You can plant it on a block without a hoe, that has a water source close to it, i.e. touching the block that the Sugar Cane is planted on.

Depending on which version of Minecraft you’re running, it might grow to 3-4 blocks high. You can either gather the excess Sugar Cane and leave the base so it can grow again, or break it off completely.

You can break the Sugar Cane the same way you do for carrots, wheat, potatoes, and any vegetable really. What I’m trying to say that it is the same mechanic.

They’ll grow relatively fast. It will take up to 3-4 Minecraft days to be fully grown. I recommend looking at some farms for Sugar Cane to grow it more efficiently, and not waste space, because it does take up a lot.

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