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Are you a competitive Destiny 2 player? If you are, chances are that you are a trophy fanatic as well. After the Beyond Light was introduced to us not long ago, there are Penguin Toys that are scattered throughout Europa.

Destiny 2: Penguin Toy Statue Locations

What’s the point of these? Well, as items they don’t serve a particular purpose or add to your equipment, but they can be collected in order to get a special trophy for finding them all.

It seems like they’re both collectibles and easter eggs!

Penguin Toy Statue Locations – Destiny 2

Firstly, everyone was under the impression that these statues, or rather statue, was only one item, and that it was an easter egg for the new update.

But since then, it has been confirmed that there are more penguin toy statues and that these will give you a trophy once all collected.

For now, players have been only able to find four, and it’s not yet clear on whether there are more.

Penguin n.1 – Cadmus Bridge

Go to Charon’s Crossing, and then navigate to Cadmus Ridge. Between the two forces that are battling it out, go to the right and then walk inside the cave.

At this spot there might be a few enemies, so you’ll need to be careful. After you eliminate your opponents, there will be a gate with the Penguin toy statue inside.

Penguin n.2 – Well of Infinitude

Go back to the start at Charon’s Crossing, i.e. the spawn. Move to the Asterion Abyss.

Find the tunnel that will be located east of the structures, in other words, where you first used the Stasis powers. Keep going through the pathway and you’ll come to a place called “Well of Infinitude”.

Continue through the pathway, and when you see a hydra, you’ll know that that’s where the Penguin toy statue is at. More specifically, it will be behind a barrier.

Penguin n.3 – Eventide Ruins

Make your way to the Eventide Ruins and use the gravity lift to jump on the roof that will be in front. Jump ahead, and find a doorway.

The third statue will be inside on the right, but you may need a special tool to get it, like the Scorch Cannon.

Penguin n.4 – Bray Exoscience

For the last one it’s pretty straight forward. Go to the Bray Exoscience building and look through the rooms deep inside the building.

The Penguin will be located in this room:

penguin toys locations destiny 2

The statue is on a counter, and you might need to slay some enemies to get it, so be careful.

Voila! Those are all of the locations for the Penguin toy statue in Europa. If you choose start this endavour, I wish you all the best!

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