Monster Hunter Rise: Get King Rhino, Rock Roses & Bismuth Prisms



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During your Monster Hunter Rise journey, you will inevitably need to unlock some additional submarine locations in Argosy. For those that aren’t aware, Argosy is a place where everyone goes to farm, and to get more rare items. However, to unlock additional farm slots, a player has to do some side-missions that will unlock a farming slot.

Monster Hunter Rise: Get King Rhino, Rock Roses & Bismuth Prisms

Economic Stimulation and Cultural Exchange are quests which will do just that. However, Economic Stimulation is fairly difficult, since it requires players to find three different rare items.

Find King Rhino, Rock Roses & Bismuth Prisms – Monster Hunter Rise

These three items will take you to different places, but thankfully, they’re really easy to get. Once you get all of the items, you can go back to Argosy, to unlock your additional farm spot.

King Rhino

The first item is King Rhino, and can be collected on the Flooded Forest map. Simply find the biggest pyramid there, and make your way to the top. The door will require some help from a explosives barrel to open.

To make things much easier for you, you can open up your map when you’re in the Flooded Forest, and then go to special items. Select Shining Rhino so that you see where it is on the map.

Rock Roses

For the rock roses, you will need to make your way to the Sandy Plains. There will be a plant there, from which you can get the rock roses, called Desert Rose.

Simply open up you map, and in special items, select desert rose. Gather desert roses until you get the rock rose.

Bismuth Prisms

The last item is bismuth prisms, and you can get them from mining the iridescent ore in the Lava Caverns map. This might be a bit harder to get, but there are quite a few on the map.

Again, like the other two items, select the iridescent ore from the special items tab in the map, and it will show you the exact locations for this ore, from which you can get the bismuth prisms.

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