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Monster Legends developers have made an immense effort to provide players with a variety of fighters. To win, you must choose your monster wisely among over 700 options. Knowing the best fighters in each category can help you with this difficult decision.

Monster Legends Fighter Tier List

Monsters in the game are divided into 13 tiers. Listing the names and tiers doesn’t help much in learning the unique abilities of each fighter, so we’re going to approach the tier list differently. Today, we’ll share the best fighters of the five highest tiers and explain why they’re worth your attention.

SSS Tier

This tier contains the best of the best. Daedalus is justifiably considered the strongest monster of the SSS tier and one of the strongest in the game. It’s a dragon-like creature that possesses the earth element and has an extremely powerful, often lethal attack. Daedalus can daze the enemies and heal himself.

Ondana is an agile fish-inspired monster who can easily compete with Daedalus in damage output. The Abyss Staff skill freezes enemies, dealing damage and disabling their special traits. Plus, you can’t freeze Ondana. This monster double’s ability stamina before the fight and can decrease the enemy stamina by 15%.

SS+ Tier

Arumel is SS+ tier’s most desired fighter, possessing light power. She deals sunburn on enemies and heals herself using the Holy Circuit skill. Her enemy bling skill and ally healing ability provide a massive advantage in the match.

Blaz is another worthy fighter of the SS+ tier. A robot who has been the target of Doctor’s bravest experiments, Blaz has become highly resilient. He applies torture immunity to peers and serves as a shield to the team. It’s a perfect support and defense fighter.

SS Tier

Crusty, the space pirate, possesses the water element and can chain five attacks. If such powerful damage isn’t sufficient, Crusty has double healing and reverse healing abilities. With the Water Weakness skill, Crusty can deal damage on all enemies simultaneously. However, Crusty has long cooldowns and relatively low health.

SS- Tier

Glubu once was a doctor. After an unfortunate experiment, he became the strongest fighter in his tier. Glubu is a classic tank-fighter who has high life stats and deals potent damage with regular attacks. He has special abilities of his own, like reversing damage aimed at him, and knows multiple tortures.

Armor Claw is a worthy alternative to Glubu in SS- tier. It’s an imaginary creature that’s hard to identify but is an excellent fighter nonetheless. Armor Claw is mythic, but his strength and high health stats allow you to use him as a tank, too. Armor Claw features the Light move typical for fire monsters and withstands Stamina Removal and CDA attacks.

S- Tier

Gaidigo is a demonic creature accidentally created by Dr. Viktor by combining a fossil with Mythic Amber. He’s the first mythic to use CDA for denial. Gaidigo is a great defensive fighter, using his Total Damage Reduction to eliminate enemy attacks. However, Gaidigo doesn’t have any powerful attacks himself.

Use Your Fighters Wisely

Hopefully, this guide will help you choose the most powerful monster playing in the top five tiers. Whether you managed to pull a powerful fighter or a mediocre one, the win depends on more than stats. You should utilize the fighter’s perks wisely and know the weaknesses of enemies. Studying the monsters is the only way to victory in Monster Legends.

What’s your favorite fighter of all tiers in Monster Legends? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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