Mythic Quest 3 Teaser Features Gaming’s Most Dysfunctional Developers



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We’ve had series about hospital staff and regular office workers, but Apple TV’s Mythic Quest is unique in that it gives us an inside look at the gaming industry. The third season of the series is set to premiere this fall, and we have a new trailer featuring some returning characters as well as some big cameos.

Mythic Quest 3 Teaser Features Gaming's Most Dysfunctional Developers

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The end of the second season had Poppy and Ian spinning off to make an original game from Poppy, but seeing that the two are ridiculously toxic collaborators, it’s very likely that ‘Grimpop’ will have trouble getting off the ground. Enter the return of everyone else from the Mythic Quest team—including Brad, who may no longer be the game’s money guy, but is probably cooking something up behind the scenes.

One face that won’t be making it back this season is F. Murray Abraham who actually had an interesting arc in Season 2. Even if we won’t have CW writing for Poppy’s game, I think we’ll see the expansion of roles for some side characters like MQ’s community manager Sue or the perpetually troubled HR lady Carol. If anything, the series may be compensating Abraham’s absence with some heavy-hitting guest appearance. Sure we have Joe Manganiello in this trailer, but how will the series manage to top Snoop Dogg’s surprise appearance in the last season?

If you’ve loved Community, there’s a great chance that you’ll get into Mythic Quest as well. Not only does the series have some great character work, but it also has some great insight when it comes to game development. Now that Poppy is working on something completely new, we get to watch a game get started and grow; rather than the first season where MQ was pretty much at the top of its game.

Mythic Quest Season 3 premieres on Apple TV+ this coming fall.

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