PUBG Mobile Motor Glider | Top 4 Motor Glider Locations


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PUBG has had many different vehicles enter and leave the game. Transportation is a big part of the game’s gameplay, and it has become a necessity in both in high and low-level play. There weren’t any new additions for quite a while now, but with the most recent update, a completely new vehicle was added, called the motor glider. Those that have played Fortnite might think of a different glider.

PUBG Mobile Motor Glider | Top 4 Motor Glider Locations

This one has two seats, and can be driven in the air. It was around for quite a while on the test servers, and now it has made its way to the live server.

Top 4 Motor Glider Locations – PUBG Mobile Motor Glider

During the time that the motor glider was available on the test servers, the spawn locations were always the same. This time around though, it is a tad bit different.

pubg mobile motor glider top 4 motor glider locations

Now, the PUBG motor glider can appear on upwards of 40 locations, and each game, it is quite different. There will be 10 that will spawn each game. That gives you a 25% to find one at a certain location.

Like we said, there are 40 locations for it, and the motor glider can spawn randomly. We will mark all of the locations on the reference maps below, but also select our top 4 spots:


top four motor glider locations pubg mobile motor glider


pubg mobile motor glider top four motor glider locations

You might be wondering why only two maps are given, but the explanation is simple. The motor glider only spawns on Erangel and Miramar maps.

Now, the top locations are marked with an arrow next to them. However, keep in mind that we don’t necessarily know if the motor gliders spawn more frequently here, but we have had that experience.

Also, some spots are selected because there might be other locations for the motor glider nearby, so chances are that if one location does not have it, others might.

This vehicle is a great addition to the game’s roster of vehicles, and it gives players a different playstyle option. For now, we’re not sure whether this will live on in this game or be removed, but the community is mostly impressed by it.

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