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Complete the Sea Plane Random Event to experience the aircraft in GTA 5.

Sea Plane Random Event Guide

The Sea Plane, also known as the Dodo Sea Plane to Grand Theft Auto fans, is the only aircraft capable of landing on either sea or air in GTA 5. The same aircraft has made previous appearances in past Grand Theft Auto titles such as GTA San Andreas and Liberty City Stories.

You can get the classic aircraft in GTA 5 for free, but only after you complete a specific side mission called the Sea Plane Random Event.

This quick guide outlines everything you need to know about the Sea Plane Random Event in GTA 5.

How to unlock the Sea Plane Random Event

You can unlock the event by completing main storyline missions in GTA 5. To unlock the Dodo Sea Plane, you must complete the Nervous Ron main story mission.

After you unlock the Sea Plane, you can find it in specific docks around the map. You can get in the Sea Plane and fly it around the map for free.

Where is the Sea Plane Random Event?

This Random Event is in a cave just east of RON Alternatives Wind Farm. A blue dot should appear on the map if the Random Event is triggered.

Sea Plane map location

As soon as you arrive at the coast, you will spot a pair of speed boats and multiple gangsters guarding the Sea Plane. Take out the gangsters on the speed boats first, then wait for the rest of the gangsters to show themselves.

Sea Plane location

After you clear the area of gangsters, swim to the Sea Plane and pilot it out of the cave. Remember that a few more speedboats will arrive, but you can ignore them and fly the Sea Plane to your desired location.

Sea Plane Random Event Rewards

You won’t get any monetary rewards for completing this event. The only reward is the Sea Plane itself.

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Typically, Random Events in GTA 5 will net you at least some cash or a stat boost after you complete them. Unfortunately, the Dodo Sea Plane Random Event will only net you the aircraft itself.

On the brighter side, completing the Random Event will unlock the Sea Plane and allow it to spawn in two areas around the map.

Where does the Dodo Sea Plane spawn in GTA 5?

The Dodo should now spawn at two locations on the map after you complete the Sea Plane Random Event.

The first Sea Plane spawn location is at a lake in Vinewood Hills. You can find the second Sea Plane at a dock at Galiliee by the Alamo Sea. Refer to the map images below to find docks and the Sea Planes in-game.

image 176
image 177

The Sea Plane should regularly spawn in the locations marked above. If it doesn’t, return later or visit the other Sea Plane spawn location.

What Floats Also Flies

The Sea Plane Random Event is one of the easiest in GTA 5. Unfortunately, this also means you won’t get any substantial reward for completing the event.

Nevertheless, you can unlock the Dodo and fly it for free after you complete this Random Event.

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