Shrine of Depths Locations in Liyue : Genshin Impact


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There are a lot of prehistoric structures you can find in Genshin Impact. For example, the Shrines of Depths are structures which sealed themselves once the civilization that built them got extinct.

Shrine of Depths Locations in Liyue : Genshin Impact

They can be opened to receive interesting rewards. Most of them have luxurious chests, but many need a specific key to be unlocked. These keys can be obtained from quests in the world or by completing one-time Abyssal Domains.

Judging by how good rewards you can get, we though it be best to share all Shrine of Depths locations in Liyue.

Genshin Impact: All Shrine of Depths Locations

You can expect to receive 60 Adventure rank XP, 40 Primogems, 10 sigils, and weapons and artifacts according to the place where you’ve found the shrine.

In total, you can find 10 shrines and most of them are in very unusual places, somewhere where none would think they’ll be. Nonetheless, let’s get to it, this are all Shrine of Depths locations in Liyue:

1. Guyun Stone Forest

shrine location one 1

You will have to swim to this one, it’s the island with the waypoint on in in the previous picture.

2.Wuwang Hill

shrine location two 1

3. East of Wuwang Hill

shrine location three

4. Mingyun Village

shrine location four

5. South-east of Lingju Pass

shrine location five

6. Dunyu Ruins

shrine location

7. Nantiangen

shrine location seven 1

8. South-east of Mt. Aozang

shrine location eight 2

9. East of Mt. Aozang

shrine location nine

North-east of Mt. Aozang

shrine location te

Not that the rewards are anything special, but with unlocking all of these shrines, they slowly add up. Plus, it’s a good way to learn about the history of this world by exploring.

Make sure you have all the Liyue keys to unlock these shrines, otherwise you can’t. Also, if you want to get the shrines in Mondstadt, then you need Mondstadt keys instead of Liyue. Finish Abyssal Domains to acquire these keys. Good luck!

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