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In the Monster Hunter series, players have a wide selection of tools they can use to hunt, capture, and kill monsters. Monster Hunter: Rise adds some new twists to the intricate gameplay mechanics and demanding high-reflex combat that the series is known for. 

How to Capture Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise

With this guide, you’ll learn how to capture monsters in the latest installment of the Monster Hunter franchise. There will be a secret tip at the end, so make sure to take notes!

Capturing monsters in Monster Hunter: Rise is the best way to speed up hunts. But before setting off to capture these vicious monsters, you need to prepare. 

The Tools

Shock Traps 

Shock traps are consumable items that you can craft by combining a thunderbug and a trap tool. When a monster gets within the trap’s range, it will be electrocuted for a few seconds. During this time, it is vulnerable to attacks and capture. 

Thunder-element monsters have a high resistance to this trap. In the rare event that they are affected, the duration of the effect is half what it would normally be with other monsters. You should use the shock trap wisely and economically because you can only carry one at a time.

Pitfall Traps

Pitfall traps are consumable items crafted by combining a net and a trap tool. While the shock trap deploys almost instantly, the pitfall trap takes a few more seconds to set up. 

With the exception of airborne wyverns, you can ensnare most monsters with pitfall traps. As is the case with shock traps, you can only carry one pitfall trap at a time, so be smart about deploying this trap.

Tranq Bombs and Ammo

Tranq bombs are must-have items for a successful capture quest. You can buy these from the merchant in Kamura village for 180z while tranq ammo costs 45z each. From time to time, there is a sale on the market that slashes the cost of tranq bombs and ammo in half. If you come home from a hunt and find these items on sale, buy them in bulk and send them to your box for future hunts.

If you’re running low on cash, you can always craft a tranq bomb by combining a Sleep Herb and a Parashroom. Bowgun users can craft Tranq Ammo by combining a Tranq Bomb and Normal Ammo. You can carry a maximum of eight tranq bombs and eight tranq ammo at a time. 

The Hunt

Now that you’ve crafted your traps and bombs, it’s time for the hunt. When you find your quarry, slice and dice away at the monster until you’ve inflicted enough damage to weaken it.

Once it’s in a weakened state, be careful not to cause any more damage or you might kill the monster. Monster Hunter: Rise has made it a lot easier for hunters to know when a monster is weakened.

You’ll know the monster is weakened when it flees from you, limping and practically crying. A blue icon will appear at the top right corner of your screen indicating that the monster is ripe for capturing. 

At this point, you can either wait for the monster to flee and sleep somewhere on the map or block its escape. You can prevent it from fleeing by blinding it or placing the trap in its path. The latter is a little tricky, though, because it requires you to jump in front of the fleeing monster immediately and place the trap.

In the few seconds right after it starts limping, the monster will be immune to blinding or traps. It will also be moving too fast to keep up with. They often enter caves or escape via routes that are inaccessible to hunters.

It’s best to let it escape and sleep for a while. Use this opportunity to drink potions, refill depleted stamina, sharpen dull weapons, and check your inventory. You can easily locate the wounded monster on the map, so you don’t have to go to the trouble of tracking it down again.

The Capture

Once you’re ready, go to where the dying monster is sleeping and recovering from its wounds. You can place a shock trap beside it, strike it once, and wait for the monster to trigger the trap. While it’s immobilized, hit it with one or two tranq bombs, and that should be enough.

It’s worth noting that a conscious and hostile monster can still be captured as long as the blue icon is still showing. Find the right spot and place your chosen trap.

If you’re using the pitfall trap, you will need a few seconds more to place it. Stand behind the trap and let the monster charge at you. When the monster triggers the trap, shower it with tranq bombs or shoot it with tranq ammo then savor the glory of a successful capture mission!

Trap Limitations

Shock traps, pitfall traps, and even flash bombs are all effective tools—but use them with care. Overuse of traps will increase a monster’s resistance to the effects of these tools. Monsters can eventually become invulnerable and uncapturable. Spamming traps to make the game easier isn’t an option.

Some advice for new players: Don’t attempt to subdue Elder Dragons and Apex Monsters with traps! They are immune, so don’t waste your time and resources deploying traps against these overpowered brutes. Instead, hack and slash at them as best as you can. 

The flash bomb works against most Elder Dragons and Apex Monsters. But repeatedly blinding them will give them immunity to it. When using traps, you should also bear in mind that they can’t be triggered by small monsters, so you don’t have to worry about a group of Jagras tripping your trap while you’re on the hunt for bigger game. If multiple large monsters are in the vicinity of the one you’re tracing, that’s another story.

Secret Tip!

As we pointed out earlier in this guide, you can only carry one shock trap and one pitfall trap at any given time. So what should you do when you’ve used up all your traps, and the monster is nowhere near limping? Luckily, there’s a workaround that also works with multiple other consumables. 

You can carry two trap tools and two thunderbugs or nets to craft extra shock or pitfall traps mid-hunt if need be.

This is how you successfully capture a monster in Monster Hunter: Rise. Now go and use these tips to capture the monsters that plague Kamura Village!

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