Valheim: How to Backup Your Data (5 Easy Steps)


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Valheim is hugely focused on progression, and its progression curve is something that some might consider, quite the journey.

Valheim: How to Backup Your Data (5 Easy Steps)

You will visit all kinds of biomes, fight all kinds of monsters, farm, build, grind for many hours, and so much more in this game. Now, imagine that all of your hard-work is lost.

With the weird errors that players might still encounter in Valheim, many are looking for ways to ensure that their progress won’t be deleted or lost. This has been known to happen for some player, and at the moment, there are no planned fixes.

How to Backup Your Data – Valheim

It is still unclear as to why this happens, but in short, it was stated that it has something to do with the corruption of save files. After crashes, updates, and freezes, there is a chance that your save files get corrupted.

The best way to ensure that you don’t lose any of your hard-work, you must backup the save files regularly. To backup your data for Valheim, try this:

  1. Go to the following path on your PC: C:UsersYour UserAppDataLocalLow.
  2. Find the Iron Gate folder and make a shortcut on your desktop to it.
  3. After each game session, open up this shortcut.
  4. Copy the folder “Valheim” and put it on your desktop, or wherever it would be safe.
  5. If something happens to your save file, you can copy your last backup, and paste it to the above-mentioned path.

Make sure to backup your save files each time that you play the game. After your recent backup delete any old ones to avoid confusion.

However, if you want to keep older saves, where you haven’t progressed as much, you can keep them. In all honesty, you don’t even need to backup each time you play, but it will ensure that you will lose the lowest amount of progress.

For dedicated servers the process is similar, it is just that the saves might be in a different location. Same goes for hosted servers. 

You have to find the save files, which are usually named the same as any other singeplayer world and character files. Then copy and keep them somewhere safe.

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