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There is no limit that is put to the creativity of Valheim’s players. For a while now, survival games have been mostly stale, and we haven’t seen any mechanical improvements, or any new particular mechanics.

Valheim: How To Make A Boat Swing

That is until Valheim rolled around. This game is a pioneer in many ways, and at the moment, it is considered one of the most realistic survival games on the market.

As you might expect, with that title, comes great responsibility. For a survival game to work, it has to have exceptional building mechanics, which Valheim does.

How to Make a Boat Swing – Valheim

The main reason for saying all that, is because in Valheim, you can come up with pretty exceptional objects. Of course, there are some limitations, since the game focuses on being as real as it gets.

However, the community has had endless fun with building in Valheim, and while it might be a pain sometimes in survival, many have created some unbelievable structures. Like the particular one we will focus on today, the boat swing.

Yes, you can make a boat swing in Valheim. Kind of like the ones you get at amusement parks. It’s a bit tricky to build it, so follow the steps carefully:

  1. Go to the shore, and place a 2m horizontal wood beam, close to where the water and land connect.
  2. Then connect a 1m horizontal wood beam to it.
  3. After that, put 4m vertical poles on each side of it. Do this twice.
  4. Next, put 2m horizontal beams, moving straight and parallel from the poles.
  5. Get a 1m wood pole, and go down from the beams on both sides.
  6. Then get a 1m beam and continue straight. After that, go up again, with a 1m wood pole. 
  7. Part 5 and 6 should look like this for both sides:
  8. how to make a boat swing valheim
  9. After that, it is only a matter of continuing and copying the whole structure to the other side. Same as the other side.

Then, in the middle of the structure, you might have to level the ground or dig down in order to get some water in the middle. This is because you can only place boats in water, not on land.

The good thing is that it doesn’t have to be a huge body of water, it can be just a paddle. It is just important that it is above water.

Also, keep in mind that when placing the boat, it must be alligned properly in the swing, and it must be in the exact middle, so that the boat’s sail falls in the middle part where there are holes on top of the swing.

Then you can push the boat in order for it to start swinging!

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