Valheim: How to Find Plains Biome



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Despite its neutral appearance, the plains biome is one of the most dangerous biomes in Valheim. It is filled with Fulings, and some areas are colonized by them as well. Each step you take, must be taken with caution.

Valheim: How to Find Plains Biome

For some reason, the plains biome is intended to be the last biome that players will need to visit in Valheim. Its esthetics as I said, say otherwise, but as far as progression goes, this is the last place you will need to explore.

However, even though it is dangerous, you will need to visit it sooner or later. But to find one might be a bit challenging.

How to Find Plains Biome – Valheim

Since each world is unique and procedurally-generated, you can expect that your world will be much different to the one that we will use as an example.

Despite that, most of the rules apply to any world in Valheim, and it is more of how the world gets generated, then an exact location for a plains biome.

If you’re looking for the plains biome in Valheim, find it this way:

  • The land in Valheim is usually cut down to smaller islands. Each island has a couple of biomes, but the generation of biomes is executed in a ring-fashion.
  • In other words, you can pick a direction and walk straight, and sooner or later you will come across a plains biome.
  • From the middle island, you will need to skip two islands to get to where the plains biome would start to generate. This isn’t a sure thing, but on average it is 1-3 islands away from the middle (starting) island.
  • When you sail with a boat, after the second island start to circle around the islands with the boat. Avoid getting out, since this is much faster.

You can easily spot a plains biome from the boat while following the coast. So, to avoid wasting time on the island exploring it on foot, do it from your boat.

It is important to note that some worlds have a side which is more “dominated” with the plains biome, either east or west, but the general rule is that they spawn in rings, and that could be said for the other biomes as well.

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