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There are a lot of bizarre creatures that will be out to get you in Valheim. Like any other mechanic in this game, the combat systems are as realistic as it gets for a survival game.

Valheim: How to Parry

Valheim never ceases to amaze people. The game has sky-rocketed in fame and more and more players seem to be eager to jump in on the action. Huge part of its success can be owed to its realistic mechanics, environment, world, optimized co-op experience, etc. Some of the combat mechanics might be a bit complicated for some new players though.

How to Parry – Valheim

Part of the reason why many players get overwhelmed when starting out Valheim, is that not many are used to the realistic mechanics. Most of the survival games we know, are nothing compared to Valheim.

And it is not that it wasn’t possible to recreate them. Surely, it was a bit difficult, but the point is that not many though that this would bring about a pleasant gaming experience.

Nevertheless, on the combat part, with so many different attacks, blocks, and parries, many players can’t seem to find out how to parry.

To parry in Valheim, you will have to block an enemy’s attack just about before it hits you. So, at the same time your opponent is swinging and close to deal damage, click right-click (by default) to parry its attack.

Now, it might take some getting used to, and it won’t prompt you that it is parry. Instead, it will say “block”, but ignore this.

You will know that you have executed a successful parry when you hear the metal hitting sound. You can’t miss it, it will ring in your ears.

But why focus on parrying an attack when you can simply block it with your weapon or shield? Well, when you parry, it does much less damage (if any), and it will stun the target for a few seconds.

On top of that, it will knock back the enemies a bit. So, all in all, it is a great way to buy yourself some time in combat, to regenerate your stamina or plan your attacks without worrying about your opponent.

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