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The Leaked gameplay footage of Valorant Mobile shows graphics and gameplay for the tactical FPS game on the small screen.

Valorant Mobile Gameplay Leaked

Riot celebrated the first anniversary of their very popular tactical FPS game, Valorant, in June 2021. The massive success of Valorant on PC was the only signal that Riot needed to start working on a mobile version of the same game as soon as they could.

One year from that announcement, leaked gameplay footage for Valorant Mobile has begun to surface on the interwebs. And, we have to say, Valorant Mobile looks pretty awesome on mobile.

Valorant Mobile Leaked Gameplay Video Surfaces

YouTube channel “Pritykin” uploaded a gameplay video of Valorant Mobile just last week.

In the video clip, fans get their first taste of how Valorant Mobile gameplay runs and looks on mobile devices.

The 13-minute video – played from the perspective of Phoenix – gives fans a glimpse of how the onscreen UI for Valorant will look on their mobile devices.

Valorant employs multiple “abilities” per Agent, which could make mobile gameplay complicated. Mobile gamers only have so many fingers they can use to press multiple on-screen buttons at any given time.

When Riot announced Valorant Mobile, fans were worried about how Riot plans to implement in-game abilities and movement controls on a mobile platform.

Fortunately, based on the leaked gameplay footage, the on-screen controls do not look too bad and should be manageable with enough practice.

When will Valorant Mobile be released?

So far, Riot Games hasn’t made any further comments or announcements regarding Valorant Mobile’s release date.

However, based on how well put-together the leaked Valorant Mobile footage is, it will not be too long before Riot Games gives fans an official release date for the mobile version of their ultra-popular tactical FPS game.

Then there is resident Valorant leaker @DannyINTEL‘s Tweet about Riot Games looking for a Brand Manager specifically for Valorant Mobile:

It is probably safe to assume development for Valorant Mobile is in its last legs, and Riot Games is slowly transitioning to marketing and management for Valorant Mobile’s eventual release.

At this rate, fans can expect a release announcement by June 2022 or later. With the official game release coming not too long after that.

What are the minimum specs for Valorant Mobile?

Riot Games has not released any specific details about Valorant Mobile, including device compatibility and minimum specs requirements on mobile.

However, based on the video clip above, Valorant Mobile runs smoothly on what seems like the highest graphical settings for the game on an Apple iPhone X or above.

Because the leaker was also recording gameplay while playing the game at a pretty high graphics setting, fans can expect Valorant Mobile to be pretty playable in most mid-high tier mobile devices when it comes out.

Valorant is Coming to Mobile

Mobile gaming has been on a tear in the last few years, as more and more gamers are turning to the more accessible means of enjoying their favorite games – mobile devices. Developers realize this and are making the jump to popular mobile platforms – iOS and Android.

Respawn Entertainment/EA is just a few weeks away from releasing Apex Legends Mobile, and Rainbow Six Siege Mobile is also in development.

Of course, nothing will beat the PC versions of any of these games regarding sheer competitive gameplay.

Nevertheless, if the mobile versions are anywhere near as fun as their original counterparts, fans will soon be enjoying their favorite games from the convenience of a mobile phone.

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