WATCH: Pedro Pascal Twerks with a Clicker for Saturday Night Live


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Pedro Pascal may have tried his best to get away from Clickers in a previous episode of The Last of Us, but now he’s set to play well with one in his guest episode for Saturday Night Live.

WATCH: Pedro Pascal Twerks with a Clicker for Saturday Night Live

Check out this video of Pascal twerking with the mushroom zombie:

Saturday Night Live has also teased Pascal’s appearance with a short skit featuring the Clicker:

I’ll have to admit, even by SNL standards that Clicker looks like it came from the actual The Last of Us series. Though it was used for this one teaser, I have a feeling they could like to shoot more with the actor, seeing as that costume looks like they really paid for it.

Since this is SNL, we can expect the show to poke fun at all of Pascal’s other roles. Besides TLOU, I’m sure there’s going to be a skit for The Mandalorian (and maybe Pascal will just provide the voice like he does for most of the show). And Game of Thrones may have ended a few years back, but it would be fun to watch Pascal reprise the role of Oberyn Martell—even if he does get his head squished by the Mountain again.

The past year has been pretty good for Pedro Pascal fans with The Last of Us premiering to rave revises and The Mandalorian set to come back in March. With Pascal’s fame just continuing to rocket, I can’t wait to see him goofing around with the cast of SNL.

Catch Pascal on Saturday Night Live this weekend. You can also watch out for him as Joel in The Last of Us series now streaming on HBO Max with new episodes every Sunday night.

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