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Chongyun is a young thaumaturge from a renowned family of exorcists and possesses a natural ability to drive away evil spirits. His pure yang energy is the reason for this gift, which Chongyun sees as an inconvenience because his mere presence scares all spirits, not allowing him to ever see one of them his entire life.

What are the Ascension Materials for Chongyun in Genshin Impact

This exorcist is a 4-star character who owns a Cryo Vision. He is a versatile character because he can be a DPS character, a support character, or both, depending on the team composition you put him in. To know more about Chongyun, his talents, and play styles, please see our guide about it by clicking this link.

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Since Chongyun is a permanent 4-star character, you will have a chance to get him when wishing on all three wish banners. However, the best time to make wishes, if you want him, is when he is one of the featured 4-star characters in a Character Wish banner.

To know more about acquiring characters in Genshin Impact, you can see our guide on it by clicking the link here.

What is Character Ascension in Genshin Impact

Each character has a certain level cap depending on their current ascension phase. A character can be ascended up to 6 phases to reach the maximum character level, which is 90. When a character is ascended to specific phases, passive talents and special ascension stats will also be unlocked.

The materials and the amount needed for each time you ascend Chongyun to the next ascension phase will be listed in this guide.

Mora: 420,000

other mora 3

Hoarfrost Core: 46

boss drop world hoarfrost core 2

This material is the exposed core of a Cryo Regisvine and can only be obtained by defeating one.

Cor Lapis: 168

specialty cor lapis

This Liyue local specialty material is what you get when you break the outer shell of Cor Lapis nodes. It can only be found at the base of cliffs and in caves and mines throughout Liyue.

Shivada Jades

These mineral crystals can be obtained from boss enemies that manipulate the Cryo element. Boss enemies such as Cryo Regisvines, Cryo Hypostasis, Primo Geovishap, La Signora, Andrius the Dominator of Wolves, and even Azhdaha.

You can also get these from quest and commission rewards by crafting them using the ones with lower rarity levels.

The amounts needed for each are as follows: Shivada Jade Sliver: 1; Shivada Jade Fragments: 9; Shivada Jade Chunks: 9; Shivada Jade Gemstones: 6.

Hilichurl Masks

These are masks worn by different types of Hilichurls and will be dropped when you defeat them. The Stained and the Ominous ones can be crafted via the crafting bench in the city.

The amount needed for each is as follows: Damaged Mask: 18; Stained Mask: 30; Ominous Mask: 36.

Ascension Phase 1

This first ascension will be done after the character reaches level 20, and they cannot proceed to the next level without ascending to the next phase. The character level cap will be increased to 40.


Mora – 20,000

Shivada Jade Sliver – 1

Cor Lapis – 3

Damaged Mask – 3

Unlocked Talent: Steady Breathing (1st Passive Talent)

Ascension Phase 2

Ascension Phase 2 can be reached at character level 40 and will increase the character level cap to 50. After this ascension, the character’s talents can now be upgraded or leveled up. Chongyun will also unlock a special ascension stat on this phase, the ATK% Bonus of 6%.


Mora – 40,000

Shivada Jade Fragments – 3

Cor Lapis – 10

Damaged Mask – 15

Hoarfrost Core – 2

Unlocked Special Stat: 6% ATK% Bonus

Unlocked Feature: Allows leveling combat talents from 1 to 2

Ascension Phase 3

After reaching level 50, Chongyun can be ascended to ascension phase 3, increasing his character level cap to 60. The 3rd ascension phase will also increase the ATK% Bonus special stat from 6% to 12%. Additionally, Chongyun’s combat talents can then be increased up to level 4.


Mora – 60,000

Shivada Jade Fragments – 6

Cor Lapis – 20

Stained Mask – 12

Hoarfrost Core – 4

Unlocked Stat: ATK% Bonus increased from 6% to 12%

Unlocked Feature: Allows leveling combat talents from 2 to 4

Ascension Phase 4

At level 60, you can ascend Chongyun to ascension phase 4 and upgrade his character level cap to 70. After ascending, you will unlock Chongyun’s second Passive Talent called Rimechaser Blade, and all his Combat Talents can then be leveled up to 6.


Mora – 80,000

Shivada Jade Chunks – 3

Cor Lapis – 30

Stained Mask – 18

Hoarfrost Core – 8

Unlocked Talent: Rimechaser Blade (2nd Passive Talent)

Unlocked Feature: Allows leveling combat talents from 4 to 6

Ascension Phase 5

The 5th ascension phase can be reached when Chongyun is at level 70, and ascending will increase his character level cap to 80. His special ascension stat, ATK% Bonus, will be increased to 18% at this phase. Chongyun’s combat talents will also have an upgrade to their level cap from 6 to 8.


Mora – 100,000

Shivada Jade Chunks – 6

Cor Lapis – 45

Ominous Mask – 12

Hoarfrost Core – 12

Unlocked Stat: ATK% Bonus increased from 12% to 18%

Unlocked Feature: Allows leveling combat talents from 6 to 8

Ascension Phase 6

Chongyun’s final ascension phase is at level 80, and it will increase his character level cap to 90. His special ascension stat, the ATK% Bonus, will be increased to 24% and his Combat Talents can now be upgraded to the maximum level of 10.


Mora – 120,000

Shivada Jade Gemstones – 6

Cor Lapis – 60

Ominous Mask – 24

Hoarfrost Core – 20

Unlocked Stat: ATK% Bonus increased from 18% to 24%

Unlocked Feature: Allows leveling combat talents from 8 to 10

What are the Talent Level-Up Materials for Chongyun

To level up Chongyun’s combat talents, you will need Mora, hilichurl masks, and a few Dvalin’s Sigh.

boss drop weekly dvalins sigh 1

Dvalin’s Sigh is the little power taken from the whirlwinds evoked by the Dragon of the East and placed inside a bottle. You can obtain a few of these by completing the challenge against the Stormterror Dvalin at his Trounce Domain in Stormterror’s Lair.

You will also need talent books of the “Diligence” series that you can get when completing the challenge in the Taishan Mansion Domain: Heart of the Flames.

These books include the Teachings of Diligence, Guide to Diligence, and the Philosophies of Diligence. The last two can be crafted using the crafting bench in the town.

other crown of insight 3

Leveling a combat talent up from level 9 to 10 will need a Crown of Insight, a special item that can only be obtained as a reward from the game’s events.

To reach the maximum level of 10 for each combat talent, you need a total of:

Mora: 1,652,500

Damaged Mask: 6

Stained Mask: 22

Ominous Mask: 31

Teachings of Diligence: 3

Guide to Diligence: 21

Philosophies of Diligence: 38

Dvalin’s Sigh: 6Crown of Insight: 1

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