What Does “thrifty” Mean in Valorant?


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Valorant is a game with interesting terminology.

What Does

What does Thrifty mean?

No, it’s not the newest hipster fashion trend. Thrifty is a term describing a victory in which a team won while having cheaper gear than the enemy team.

How can you achieve that? Let’s find out and help you carry your team to victory.

Going Thrifty in Valorant and Winnings

thrifty valorant

First off, why would you do that? Well, there are several reasons. The most obvious one would be that going thrifty means you’ll spend fewer credits on a given round, which makes it possible to buy better gear in the subsequent rounds.

But the more important reason would be psychological warfare. Owning the enemy team while having sub-par gear can crus their spirits, make them fight amongst themselves, and bring you an ego boost that will carry the game forward.

All 80s sports movies show that the scrappy underdog winning, so maybe you can also try to channel their spirit? It’s no guarantee for a win, though.

You can only win by honing your skills, communicating with your team, and picking the right operators for the job. Valorant isn’t a game where your weapon is the most decisive factor, so don’t rely too much on your gear.

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