What is “team ace” and “Ace” in Valorant?


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Just like all multiplayer shooters, the terminology in Valorant can be a bit confusing the first time you play it. People will say stuff like “we got a team ace on thrifty against a pack of zoomers” and you may be a bit lost.

What is

Fear not, we’ll try to explain some of what this means, namely the team ace part. Stick with our articles and you’ll find what the rest of the sentence means.

Is There a Difference between Ace and Team Ace?

ace in valorant

Ace is a rather standard term for most multiplayer games. For a player to get an “ace” one must kill all the players in the enemy team.

A team ace means that every single player on your team kills one enemy in one round.

How to get a team ace in Valorant?

team ace
Team Ace in Valorant

Valorant is a game in which teamwork is essential. This goes double if you’re aiming for a team ace. You’ll need to stave your hand off the trigger and let your teammates shine. You’ll also need to talk to each and every one of them. It’s easy for one person to ruin it by killing too many enemies.

sage resurrection
Sage – Resurrection ultimate

It’s even easier for a player to die before getting a kill. You can avoid that by picking Sage and resurrecting dead players that didn’t manage to get a kill. This also works if the enemy Sage brings a teammate back from the dead, meaning he can be killed again by another player of your team.

phoenix run it back
Phoenix – Run It back Ultimate Ability

You can also get Phoenix and kill people by using his Run It Back Ultimate ability.

But in the end of the day, what you need most is good shooting, a coordinated team and a lot of luck to accomplish a team ace in Valorant.

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