How to Complete the Power Couple Scenario in The Sims 4


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Over the past few months, we have seen many new scenarios added in The Sims 4’s Base Game. So far, we have 12 Scenarios that will permanently remain in the game, and one of them is the romance/career-oriented challenge called The Power Couple!

How to Complete the Power Couple Scenario in The Sims 4

All About the Power Couple Scenario

The Power Couple challenge could be reminiscent of the two previous Scenarios. If you have been keeping up with all the free Sim Delivery Express updates, you might have already tried to raise your Sim to the top from a state of poverty in Making Money. Or perhaps you may have attempted to mend the relationship of a recently broken-up couple in the Finding Love After a Breakup Scenario. Your goal here is to help a married couple become CEOs in their company. But the thing is, both are driven by their ambitions and highly competitive—so they decide to bet on who will win first in the race to become the Big Boss.

PowerCouple Menu

There are three endings you may get depending on the way you play. Listed below are the possible outcomes for this scenario:

  1. The newly married couple both become CEO.
  2. One makes it to the CEO, and the other Sim becomes an Angel Investor.
  3. This “friendly bet” causes them to divorce.

Unlike the Making Money challenge, where you start from scratch and find a way to become a millionaire with very few resources you have, The Power Couple Scenario will begin with your Sims immediately getting the Assistant Manager position. They will also be equipped with skills pertinent to their jobs.

Choosing your Fighters

For this scenario, you will be required to have Sims who are not related to each other because they will become automatically married as you start the challenge. The couple must be Young Adults or older.

PowerCouple Popularity

You can create a new household or select an old saved file. Unless you have already made Sims with traits suitable to their Business Career, you can create Sims who are Geniuses, Outgoing, and Self-Assured.

Since your Sims will most likely rely on their Charisma Skills to pursue a high position in business, you may opt for the Friend of the World Aspiration. This Popularity Aspiration can give you the Gregarious bonus trait, which will make them build relationships easier and level up their Charisma faster. 

Your Sim will also need to work diligently on improving their Logic, so a Knowledge Aspiration with the Quick Learner bonus trait can hasten the experience rate of their Logic Skills.

PowerCouple Fortune

The wealthier your Sims become, the happier they get and the more satisfaction points and positive moodlets they acquire. The Fortune Aspiration such as the Fabulously Wealthy Aspiration will turn your Sim into a Business Savvy one. The Business Savvy bonus trait will earn them a higher wage than the average Sim.

There are no rules in creating Sims for these challenges, aside from the stated requirements above. So you may also take it up the notch and use random Sims with skills that are irrelevant to the Business career, and watch them chaotically claw their way to the top!

Completing the Challenge

PowerCouple StartChallenge

The scenario starts with your Sims arriving in their new home, already as Assistant Managers and at Level 4 in their Business Career. The couple is also at Level 2 in their Logic and Charisma skills. Right off the bat, you can make them do their daily work duties or level up their skills to lead them up the corporate ladder of promotion.

At Level 7, the Business Career will be split into two branches: the Management Career Branch and the Investor Career Branch. This is where you decide which path or ending route your Sims will have to take.

Ending 1: Both Make It to CEO

PowerCouple FillOutReports

The Power Couple must be both CEOs for you to complete this scenario. The position you will be aiming for is the 9th Level in the Business Career. You can already imagine it will take a couple of in-game weeks before you can accomplish this feat. You will need to gain plenty of experience points in Logic and Charisma skills to land promotions after promotions. 

Gaining points for the Charisma Skill is easy, especially for outgoing Sims. Outgoing Sims are easy to get along with, so you can have them go to public places and socialize with other Sims around the neighborhood. But if you find that too tasking, you can also buy your Sim a mirror and have them practice speaking in front of it.

PowerCouple Charisma

For the Logic Skill, focused Sims tend to attain experience points for this one faster. Wealthy Sims can buy a telescope or a microscope and use these Scientific objects to gain Logic skill points. But if your Sims are broke, you can buy them a chess set or have them play a game in the park.

Once your Sims enter the Management Career Branch, they will receive Confidence Aura items that can help them in their daily task, which is Making Business Calls. It is important for them to feel confident while making calls, or else they will get an Embarrassed Moodlet if they fail to make deals on their phone.

Ending 2: One Sim becomes a CEO, the other becomes an Angel Investor

PowerCouple Couple2

The second outcome is a bit more challenging than the last. Having one of your Sim pursue the Angel Investor position will take longer since it is the highest rank in the Investor Branch. To get this ending, continue making them do career-related tasks while ensuring the couple’s relationship is intact.

PowerCouple Promotion

If one of your Sims is more charismatic and confident than the other, they will be more suited in the Management Career Branch. On the other hand, a highly logical Sim can go for the Investor Career Branch. Their daily task would involve Researching Stocks on their computer. Therefore, this will also allow them to invest in stocks. And if your Sims are always focused, there are plenty of chances for them to become rich as they move up their career ladder and continuously win the stock market game!

Ending 3: Sims are no longer married

PowerCouple Divorce

Getting the Sim couple divorced is probably the worst possible outcome. However, it is the ending that you can achieve without putting in too much effort. You will have to split them up by clicking on Divorce, and they will be free not only from their marriage but also from the corporate chains that they are meant to latch on to. Your Sims will still receive 5,000 Satisfaction points despite taking the easy way out.

And that is all you need to know about the Power Couple Scenario. More Scenarios have been dropped recently by the Sims Delivery Express, so check them out if you would like to try out more challenges similar to this one!

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