Craftopia : How To Craft Wheat Flour | Growing Wheat Fields


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There are many ways to keep your health up in Craftopia. You can fish, you can hunt animals, or you can use wheat to make bread. It doesn’t matter which way you pick difficulty-wise. However, nutritional value may vary.

Craftopia : How To Craft Wheat Flour | Growing Wheat Fields

All of the ways of making and getting food in Craftopia are straightforward. Wheat flour or regular wheat can be used for more than just bread, so chances are you will need a wheat field. If so, read below how to craft wheat flower or for growing wheat fields.

Let’s find out how we can craft wheat flour and grow wheat fields!

How To: Craft Wheat Flour and Grow Wheat Fields

Three wheat fields should be enough to start. However, you can even use one if you’re low on resources. Growing time is not that long, so you wouldn’t have to worry about that. Another thing is that you need to craft a bucket for watering the seeds and a cooking pot for the wheat.

  • Firstly, start by crafting Wheat Fields. They can be crafted on the Workbench.
  • Find a suitable location for them, and place them. To grow something, they will require water.
  • Craft a bucket. Go to a water source, fill up the bucket a couple of times, and water the fields. Wheat will start growing and will take some time to develop fully.
  • Use your weapon to harvest the fields. If you want to continue growing, repeat the third step.
  • Next, craft a cooking pot. Relatively cheap to craft, you need six stone and six charcoal. Charcoal can be acquired by placing wood in the fire.
  • Place the cooking pot, and then place the wheat inside. From this, you will get wheat flower which you can use to make bread or some other wheat-based foods.

This way of making wheat flour can be beneficial even if you want to run more giant production farms. However, wheat isn’t that needed for other items or advancements in the game. Good luck, survivor!

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