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There are many good weapons on Craftopia, which you can find, buy, create, but none of them come close to the infamous Lightsaber! The Lightsaber in Craftopia is a statement in itself. It shows all the hard work a player has put into the game.

Craftopia : How to Obtain a Lightsaber

It is a challenging item to obtain. You can get it in two ways, and both are very challenging. But, it’s all worth it in the end because you have a cool glowing lightsaber with good stats. See below how to obtain a Lightsaber.

How To Obtain A Lightsaber In Craftopia

The description captures the sensation of how special this weapon is. It states that it is a sword that glows with the force’s power where there is no light and urges players not to think, but to feel.

Damage-wise, you can expect to get +390 Attack and Max Attack +390. It also has: +15 ATK, +9% ATK, Critical Damage Rate +15%, and Critical Chance +10%. It is arguably one of the most powerful weapons in Craftopia.

How to get it Lightstaber in Craftopia:

Buy It From Smith, The Merchant

The first way is to buy it from Smith The Merchant. A level 7 map is required. Make a helicopter and find him. He has a base on a little island. Look for igloo style houses on a little hill.

If you have spare coins to spend, this is the easiest way of getting it. The price for this Lightsaber is a whopping 311040 coins. So, it would be best if you were quite rich to acquire it this way.

Ball Kicking Trial Intermediate

If you are not rich and want to get this Lightsaber without spending a fortune to do so, you can. Find the Ball Kicking Trail in sort of a volcano style mountain. The portal is located inside the volcano.

Once inside, you will meet Fan, The Receptionist. He will tell you that if you know how to aim, Krael the God will approve of you.
After the doors open, walk straight to the ball. You cannot miss it, it’s humongous.

Make a horizontal path from the ball to the hole/hoop, which is straight across. You can do this using a horizontal wall.

Now, hit the ball with the most powerful weapon you have. Once you get it in the hoop, walk straight back and then take a left.

Continue walking until you reach a red cube. Open it, and loot the chests. In one of them, there will be a lightsaber.

You will also get some other good loot along with it. Also, consider checking the whole place out. You might find more chests with even more good loot, like the Meteor=Axe, which is almost as strong as the Lightsaber. Good luck, survivor!

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