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Whether you want entirely new species or you want to make a food farm, chances are you will want to breed animals in Craftopia. It is relatively straightforward, and you can create a breeder under a few minutes.

Craftopia - How to Use Breeding Facility | Create New Species

In Craftopia, you can breed different animals. In other words, you don’t necessarily need two of the same species for breeders. You get hybrid pokemon-like animals if you breed different animals. See below on how to use a breeding facility and create new species.

How To Use Breeding Facility And Make New Species

It is effortless to breed animals in Craftopia. To craft a breeding facility, you need to have progressed at a certain age in the game, so keep that in mind.

The basic premise is you catch animals, put them in the breeding facility, and little babies come out. You can do this either for unique creatures or for an excellent food source.

What you need to do :

Make a breeding facility on the workbench. Certain progression age is required.

  1. Catch a few animals.
  2. Throw them in the breeding facility, and that’s pretty much it.
  3. When the animals are in the breeding facility, they will lose health while breeding until they eventually die. You can expect to get five to ten creatures on average. You can still loot the animals you used to breed.

To catch the animals, you will need to use prisms. If you don’t know what prisms are, they’re triangle-shaped objects that can be thrown at mobs to catch them. Some are very hard to catch, so if you want to do so successfully, check this guide we have on: Craftopia Tutorial: How To Catch Animals.

The unusual creatures in Craftopia give unique loot, which can only be obtained if you have a breeding facility or if you find the creatures lurking around in the world (highly unlikely). You can also set up multiple breeders and make an animal farm cooker using the belt conveyor and Golem’s large pot. Good luck, survivor!

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