Destiny 2 Smuggling Compartments Location | Week 4



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Destiny 2 has always had some very challenging missions and triumphs. The maps are harsh, and the enemies that you would be facing, don’t mess around.

Destiny 2 Smuggling Compartments Location | Week 4

In this week’s roster, for the Presage mission, you will need to find a particular smuggling compartment. However, one must run the mission one or more times, in order to get the fourth captain’s log, because that will give you a hint so that you can find the hidden cache.

After running the mission a couple of times, you will also be familiar with the locations that will be mentioned today.

Smuggling Compartment Location – Destiny 2 Week 4

Finding all of the smuggling compartments from Glykon will give you the Tucked Away trophy. It will expire at the end of season 15, so you don’t need to worry about finishing it as fast as possible.

Total score that you will need to get for this trophy is five. On a side note, players get the captain’s log by completing Presage each week!

To get to the smuggling compartment’s location, you will have to go to the room where the shockwall will be on your right side. 

When you’re there, you will have to shoot the spore in order to get the buff, it will be located on your left side. After that, jump across to the other side of the ship. Don’t worry though it is an easy jump.

Then, just continue moving forwards and go through the doorway. Drop down, and the data path will be in the far left corner of the room. Be careful of the mobs though.

Open the doorway, and then find another spore to shoot in order to get the buff again. Another spore can be found on the platform from which you dropped down.

Shoot the spore and then you can enter the doorway. In the far left, at the end of the hallway, you will find the chest that you will need to open.

On the other side of it, there is another spore which you can use to get out of this location.

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