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With the re-release of Destiny 2 as a free-to-play game, lots of new players are gunning for the content that the new expansion has provided. Shadowkeep, Destiny 2’s newest installment, introduced new settings, new items, and a new event known as the Vex Invasion.

How to Start the Vex Invasion in Destiny 2

This event provides players with powerful items, along with a bunch of experience to level their characters. But how exactly do you start the Vex Invasion? Let this article guide you through the process.

Do I Need to Own Shadowkeep to Participate?

If you just want to play the Vex Invasions, then no. The invasions themselves happen after a public event, and anyone is free to participate. The gear that is dropped on the other hand are season related. You should either have the Shadowkeep expansion, or have the $10 Season Pass to get the Vex Gear.

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Do I Need to Be High Level to Join in the Raid?

Not really. The Vex offensive has a minimum required power level of 750. This is practically newbie gear. As long as you have someone to invite you to the raid itself, then you can easily participate. Winning the raid however is another matter. A team full of newbies will always have a harder time of it than a team with several veterans.

Eyes on the Moon

Before you can actually start the Vex Invasion, or the Vex Offensive as it’s called in-game, you’ll need to complete another quest. This quest is called Eyes on the Moon. This isn’t really explained that well by the game itself and has been the cause of confusion relating to the invasion quest. To get the Eyes on the Moon quest, you’ll first need to head to the Tower and speak to Ikora Rey.

Ikora will give you the quest item ‘Vex Invasion Emergent Protocol’. This is just the first step to get the offensive started. Once you have the item, head to the Moon. Once you’re there, you’ll need to kill 100 Vex and three Gatelords to complete Vex Invasion Emergent Protocol.

There are three points that the Vex may appear. They’ll be near Anchor of Light, Hellmouth, and Archer’s Line. They won’t always be there, but if they do appear, you’ll be alerted when they’re in the area. They don’t exactly show up on the map, and they do not appear while a public event is currently ongoing. In fact, an invasion occurs after a public event has been completed, or the timer for it has run out.

Look to the skies to find the portals that the Vex warp in from. The attack itself won’t appear on your map. You have to be in the area when it begins to start killing Vex for the quest. Once you defeat all the required enemies, the Vex Invasion Emergent Protocol quest will change into Eyes on the Moon.

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The Vex Offensive

Once you have the Eyes on the Moon Quest, head back to the Sanctuary Landing Zone and speak to Eris Morn. She will advance the quest line and unlock the Vex Offensive activity, as well as give you a Raid Banner.

The Vex Offensive can support up to six people. As said, the minimum recommended power level is 750, which means that practically anyone can join. The raid itself will describe the objectives as you go.

Vex Offensive Raiding Tips

During the raid proper, as you kill the waves of enemies, two Hydras will appear. Kill these Hydras before you kill the Gatelord. If additional Hydras appear take care of them first. Do not kill the Gatelord before you’ve finished off the Hydras.

You need to do this three times. Kill the waves, kill the Hydras, then deal with the Gatelord. Rinse and repeat. If you do this right, another massive Hydra should appear. This thing is a bullet sponge, and will probably need at least two power level 900+ players in your team to defeat it quickly. If you’re well-coordinated though, you can eventually beat it down.

The large Hydra will have high level loot among the items that it drops. This is one of the reasons to run the event in the first place.

Once you’ve looted the drops do not leave the area. Finishing the invasion will reset the public event, and finishing the public event or letting the timer run down will start another Vex Invasion. Repeat the Hydra trick to get another high level drop.

The drops are limited to two per week, so doing this a third time will only give you regular drops. Feel free to do the other side missions in the meantime.

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A Challenging Raid

The vex Invasion is a fun raid designed to challenge players new and old. It provides guardians with new upgrades to gear, and gives them an opportunity to challenge these new enemies on the Moon. The quest itself could have been better explained though, but that’s what this article is for.

So, have you ever had problems on how to start the Vex Invasion on Destiny 2? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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