Escape from Tarkov: “Vitamins” Part 1 Guide



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Like other quests for Skier, “Vitamins” Part 1 has you running about and collecting some things on different maps. This time, it’s going to be small cylindrical containers from one location on Shoreline, and two from Interchange.

Escape from Tarkov: “Vitamins” Part 1 Guide

Vitamins Part 1 Escape From Tarkov

To start with, let’s see what you’ll need to finish these collection tasks.

  • Office 112 West Wing Key
  • Key to EMERCOM Medical Unit

If you happen to have these keys, then great. Otherwise, you may have to purchase them from the Flea Market.

The Emercom Key shouldn’t be too expensive, at the moment its running for less than 80k Roubles.

The Office 112 key however is running for almost 400k Roubles. This will probably be the price point for this key on the market for a long time, as the room behind the locked door contains a Blue Keycard spawn point.

When you acquire both keys, then you can move on.

Get First Chemical Container

The first container will be found on Shoreline, so bring that Office 112 Key.

Head up to the resort and make your way to the first floor on the west wing. Once you manage to get to the door, unlock it and head in.

The Chemical container will be found inside the refrigerator, on the top shelf behind the open door. Grab it and head to extract.

Once you’re out, make sure to turn it in to Skier. You’ll regret not doing so if you die on another run with it in your in-raid quest inventory.

Get Second and Third Container

Both the second and third Chemical Containers can be found on Interchange, so head on in. Don’t forget the EMERCOM key.

Once you’re inside, make your way to the central intersection, just outside of Goshan. If you’re looking in the direction of Goshan, you should see Mantis somewhere on the left side.

Head in and head round to where the patient beds are. You should see the Chemical container in one of the open metal tins on a medical cart.

Once you’ve grabbed that, head out of the store and around the corner to EMERCOM.

Head in and take a look around. You should see the Chemical Container in the same kind of tin that you found the last container in.

Once you’ve got both containers, make your way to extract and head over to Skier to turn both of them in.

Rewards for Vitamins Part 1

When you’ve got the job done, Skier will reward you with a good amount of EXP, a whole 0.1 Rep with him, some cash, and some Holosun reflex sights. In addition, “Vitamins” – Part 2 will be unlocked for you to complete.

While the rewards aren’t necessarily the best, completing this quest gets you another step closer to the Kappa container.

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