Fix Valheim Camera Spinning


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Valheim is still in early access, which means that the game does have a few quirks which are annoying. Overall, the game is exceptional and has been rising in popularity ever since its launch.

Fix Valheim Camera Spinning

Interestingly, we were expecting much more issues and bugs to be present in Valheim, but this game has defied all odds. Sure, there are many “non-game-breaking” bugs as far as building and combat goes, but not as many for developers as new as Iron Gate AB.

For some reason, many players kept reporting camera issues since the launch of Valheim. What is the cause for this, and the potential fixes available?

Valheim: Fix Camera Spinning

The moral of the story is that there is a compatibility issue going on here. Specifically, any kind of controller that is connected to the PC, has a chance of causing an endless loop of camera spin.

Not all controllers do this though, but the majority of them do. This is unfortunate, since there are many players that prefer the controller over the traditional keyboard and mouse, and many that play on their laptops and have no mice.

Nonetheless, what you’re here for is getting you issue fixed, so here is how you fix camera spinning:

Disable Gamepad. When players have gamepad enabled, there seems to be a compatibility issue, and the game starts freaking out.

At the time of writing this isn’t that much of a popular topic with only a few players reporting the bug. In any case, Iron Gate AB, haven’t really responded whether they’re working on a fix or not.

Still, there are four major updates that are planned for 2021, so, we might expect a fix for this issue, and many others that have been bothering players.

Apparently, those that use PS4 controllers can fix the issue without disabling gamepad. What PS4 controller players need to do is navigate to Steam’s Controller Settings, and turning on PS4 configuration.

Currently, there aren’t many other compatibility issues that arise in the game, apart from the usual suspects like crashes, errors, black screens, and similar.

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