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There are hundreds, and even thousands of items in Monster Hunter Rise. Depending on what build you’re trying to achieve, chances are that you will have some trouble with getting materials to craft your gear, and get it to the next rank. Nevertheless, most players are aware that there are status effects in Monster Hunter Rise.

Get Weakness Exploit Lvl 2 in Monster Hunter Rise | Spio Elytra S

Getting the weakness exploit to level two might be challenging on the Spio Elytra S, but it is possible. Today, we will focus on just that, and we’ll show you how to do it.

Get Weakness Exploit Level 2 – Spio Elytra S

How to Craft

To craft the Spio Elytra S, one has to look no further than the Smithy in the main town. Simply open up the forging menu, and navigate to the high-rank.

This is the easy part, but getting the materials needed for forging this item is really difficult. Here are the items needed to craft a Spio Elytra S:

  • Toxic Kumori x1
  • Quality Stomach x2
  • Almudron Plate x1

How to Get Toxic Kumori

Navigate to your Housekeeper, and then open The Argosy to open the trade requests menu. Open a new trade request, and you will need to set three items that have a chance of getting you the Toxic Kumori.

Items that have a chance to give you a Toxic Kumori are:

  • Flamefin
  • Great Flamefin

Simply make a trade request with two Flamefins, and one Great Flamefin.

How to Get Quality Stomach

Getting the quality stomach is a bit different though. There is no need for trade requests, as the item can be acquired from the Caverns. Simply go to an expedition tour of the Caverns.

You will need to eliminate Altaroths to get the quality stomach, which can be found at number one on the map. They’re small insect-like creatures, and they will give you more loot if you kill them with a poisonous bomb instead of weapons.

How to Get Almudron Plate

Now, this will definitely be the most difficult item that you will need to get for this item. Its drop rates are quite low, but with a bit of grinding, you should be able to get it.

Simply go at the Quest Counter, go to low-rank quests, then three stars, and the quest Down’n’Dirty. This quest is a quest about taking down a Almudron, from which the plate will drop.

After that, simply craft the item at the Smithy.

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