GTA 5: The Bureau Raid – Fire Crew Approach Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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Michael and his crew breach the FIB headquarters in Fireman costumes.

GTA 5: The Bureau Raid - Fire Crew Approach Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

The FIB was responsible for giving Michael his second chance at life after the events of North Yankton. More specifically, Dave Norton, a corrupt FIB Agent working under Steve Haines, put Michael under the FIB’s witness protection program after he botched a deal with Michael to put down Trevor in the last heist job.

Michael owes Dave Norton a great deal, which is why he has no choice but to agree to his requests long after the events of North Yankton.

So when Dave Norton and Steve Haines approach Michael for the third time to help with important FIB files, Michael takes his best crew and breaches one of the most secure government agencies in Los Santos.

The Bureau Raid is Michael’s big chance at escaping the grasp of the FIB once and for all. We have outlined everything you need to know about The Bureau Raid and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing the mission in GTA 5.

The Bureau Raid Synopsis

Michael arrives at Darnell Bros to meet with Lester, who is preparing to burn down the garment factory. Michael jokes about burning down the FIB building using drapes and scented candles.

Still, Lester laughs it off, saying Michael and the crew will have a more sophisticated arson kit consisting of incendiaries and a remote device.

5 24

Lester lays the mission plan for Michael before he sends him off to the FIB building to set up the bombs. Michael heads for the FIB building and pretends to be a janitor mopping floors at the top floor while subtly planting all the bombs they need to start the mission.

After Michael successfully plants the bombs, he heads for the exit and runs toward Franklin and the rest of the crew inside their stolen fire truck.

Franklin hands Michael his fire suit and drives around the block to give Michael time to change. After Michael changes into his fire suit, Franklin detonates the bombs through his phone, setting the FIB building on fire.

27 2

Michael and his crew drive back to the FIB building to start the mission. Lester has already hi-jacked the emergency signal to make sure no other fire crew will arrive in the area.

Michael leads the crew to the top floor, where the server room resides. When they arrive on the 53rd floor, Franklin quickly gets to work retrieving the containment drive.

With the containment drive secured, Michael and the crew head for the exit as quickly as possible. However, Michael and the crew had to find another way out as the emergency stairwell collapsed due to poor structural integrity.

A locked door eventually stops Michael and the crew on one of the floors. Michael attempts to open the door, but it explodes as soon as Michael breaches it with his axe, causing one of the crew members to be thrown back.

Michael and the crew continue to run through the floor, but Franklin is knocked out briefly by a nearby explosion.

When Franklin comes, he walks across a small team of FIB agents who have realized what is happening in the building.

42 1

Franklin manages to rendezvous with Michael and the crew and heads for one of the elevator shafts in the building.

As the FIB building slowly collapses due to the intense heat, Michael and the crew have no choice but to rappel down to the bottom floor to escape the building.

Michael, Franklin, and the crew finally exit the FIB building and escape in their fire truck. Michael and the crew head to the following location, where they blow up the fire truck and escape in their getaway car.

49 1

With the job complete, Michael, Franklin, and Lester celebrate in Lester’s house with a glass of liquor that Franklin can only describe as ‘foul.’

Michael leaves Lester and Franklin to celebrate so he can call Dave Norton and officially cut ties with him and the FIB.

The Bureau Raid Gold Medal Objectives

  • Time: Complete within 18:00
  • Out of Breath: Escape with 40% oxygen remaining.
  • You Missed a Spot: Complete the mopping section within 03:00
  • Abseiler: Abseil down the elevator shaft within 30 seconds.

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can return another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

The Bureau Raid Mission Guide

Select the Fire Crew Approach.

1 22

Choose Packy McReary as your Gunman 1 and Norm Richards as Gunman 2. This combination will give you the best cut after the job is complete.

3 23

Enter the FIB building to start mopping and planting the bombs for the mission.

9 20
12 8

Mopping Tip: Return to the bucket after each pass to save time. Do not try to clean the dirt with a single pass. You need to complete this part of the mission in under 3 minutes.

14 10

You must mop several spots and plant three bombs in a different locations. Do not worry about planting the bomb too much since Michael will plant the bombs automatically.

18 12

After mopping all the spots and planting all the bombs, leave the FIB building and run to the yellow marker.

20 6

The play will switch to Franklin. Drive to the FIB building as quickly as possible and pick up Michael.

22 3

Bring up Franklin’s phone to detonate the bomb.

23 7

Run to the FIB to save time. Once you are inside, run to the elevator. Do not worry too much about your Oxygen Levels, as this will rarely drop below 50% during the entire mission.

26 4

Follow Michael as closely as possible inside the FIB building so you do not lose your way inside.

29 2

Switch to sticky bombs to blow up the server room door.

30 2
31 4
32 2

After securing the containment drive, follow Michael and the crew to exit the building.

34 1

Skip any cutscenes to save time.

35 2
36 3

Franklin will get knocked out by one of the explosions along the way. Get ready to face FIB agents after Franklin wakes up.

37 1
38 1

You need to rappel down the elevator shaft in 30 seconds. Spam the ‘descend faster’ option to drop down quickly.

41 1

After you exit the FIB building, run to the fire truck as fast as possible to save time.

43 1

Drive to the gateway location. Once you arrive, use your sticky bomb to blow up the fire truck.

44 1
46 1

Drive to Lester’s house to end the mission.

47 1

Freedom At Last

With the FIB raid complete, Michael is relieved to finally cut ties with the FIB and resume his normal life in Los Santos.

However, Dave Norton requests one last audience with Michael at the Kortz Center to discuss Merryweather and Trevor, to which Michael reluctantly agrees.

The Gold Medal objectives in The Bureau Raid are simple enough to complete all four in a single run. Follow the detailed guide above to understand better how to complete each Gold Medal objective in this mission.

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