GTA 5: Pulling Another Favor Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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Tonya asks Franklin for some help… again.

GTA 5: Pulling Another Favor Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Throughout GTA 5’s Story Mode, Franklin, Trevor, and Michael will encounter side missions that players must complete with a Gold Medal to get 100% completion in GTA 5. Pulling Another Favor is one of those side missions and is the second Strangers & Freaks mission for Franklin and the second one involving Tonya Wiggins.

We have outlined everything you need to know about Pulling Another Favor and how you can get a Gold Medal from completing the mission in GTA 5.

Pulling Another Favor Synopsis

Franklin meets up with Tonya at the same spot in Strawberry the last time Tonya asked Franklin for help. Franklin calls out Tonya for her unkempt appearance, but Tonya only calls Franklin by the wrong name, indicating she isn’t in the best condition mentally.

image 472

Tonya also tells Franklin how she and the entire hood knows Franklin has been doing better financially. Franklin barks back by telling Tonya how he’s just thankful he isn’t smoking like Tonya and JB are.

Tonya tries to get into Franklin’s conscience by asking him where his love for the hood is and why he isn’t helping JB. Tonya also tells Franklin that she and JB will lose everything if Franklin does not help her with her request.

Franklin immediately asks Tonya what he needs to do to help. Tonya asks Franklin for help with JB’s tow truck job again. Franklin agrees, and the pair make their way to the Davis Sheriff Station Impound to pick up the tow truck.

Franklin and Tonya immediately get to work. The pair get in the tow truck and drive to Lucky Plucker in Little Soul to pick up an SUV parked in a PWD spot. With the SUV secured, Franklin and Tonya drive back to the LSD Impound Lot and deliver the SUV.

Pulling Another Favor Gold Medal Objectives

image 486
  • Time: Complete within 05:30.
  • Unhook Bonus: Keep the vehicle hooked until delivery.

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can come back another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

Pulling Another Favor Mission Guide

Get in your car and drive to the Davis Sherrif’s Station Impound Lot marked blue on the map.

image 473
image 474
image 476

Get in the tow truck but wait for Tonya to get in the passenger seat before you drive off.

image 477
image 481

Slowly back up the tow truck towards the SUV. You don’t have to lower to raise the hook to latch it onto the SUV. Just make sure you’re close enough to the SUV.

image 482

Drive back to the Impound Lot.

image 483

Drop the SUV in the designated spot.

image 484
image 487

Where’s JB?

Tonya will keep asking Franklin for a few favors throughout GTA 5’s story mode. Pulling Another Favor is just the second of multiple side missions that you will need to complete to get 100% completion in GTA 5.

Fortunately, Pulling Another Favor will be very similar to Pulling Favors. All you need to do is skip the cutscenes to save time and ensure the SUV does not become unhooked while driving back to the Davis Sheriff Station.

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