GTA 5: Risk Assessment Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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Franklin goes on an unplanned thrills trip in the mountains.

GTA 5: Risk Assessment Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Of the three protagonists in GTA 5, Franklin is the most likely to play things safely. Franklin often prefers the most logical and least obnoxious approach, which is probably why he and Lamar do not get along very well.

Do not expect Franklin to be the one to come out with guns blazing; you can look at Trevor for that. Nevertheless, there are certain situations where, when presented with a decent enough reason to risk life and limb for some thrills, Franklin will try out things that do not make sense – like jumping out of a helicopter, going skydiving, and racing down a mountain on bikes in one day.

We have outlined everything you need to know about Risk Assessment and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing the mission in GTA 5.

Risk Assessment Synopsis

As Franklin cruises through Vinewood Hills, he encounters a random stray dog. The dog greets Franklin with a few barks, which Franklin weirdly understands as the dog asking for help. Franklin parks his vehicle and approaches the dog.

image 89

The dog is trying to report a man stuck in one of the trees in the area. Weirded out by the fact that he could understand the dog, Franklin hesitantly agrees to help, and the pair run through the woods to find the man.

The pair eventually find a man hanging on one of the trees in the area. Franklin immediately approaches the man to help him out and tells him he should thank the dog that saved his life. However, the dog was nowhere to be found, much to Franklin’s confusion.

image 94

Franklin helps Dom escape his predicament and the pair chat for a bit. Dom thanks Franklin for helping him cut loose and invites him to skydive. Franklin respectfully declines but changes his mind when Dom insults him lightly by telling him he is too scared to try.

The pair board a Maverick and fly towards the peak of Mount Chiliad. Dom hands Franklin a parachute, and the pair jump out of the Maverick to parachute down to a marked location. After landing, Dom ups the ante by challenging Franklin to a bike race down the mountain.

image 111

After a long adrenaline-filled race down the mountain, Franklin and Dom make it to the bottom, where the pair split up after a long day of activities.

Risk Assessment Gold Medal Objectives

image 88
  • Free Faller: Fall of 7 seconds before opening the parachute.
  • Big Air: Get 2 seconds of air during the bicycle race.
  • Downhill King: Win the bicycle race against Dom.

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can come back another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

Risk Assessment Mission Guide

Follow the dog to find Dom.

image 90

Approach Dom so the cutscene can begin. You can skip the cutscene or watch it. The mission does not have a time limit, so feel free to do either.

image 92

Follow Dom to the helicopter. Board the Maverick through the left side as instructed by Dom.

image 95

The chopper ride to Chiliad Mountain will take a while. You can skip the journey by pressing the assigned button onscreen.

image 98

Jump out of the helicopter when you are ready. You need to free fall for seven seconds to complete the Free Faller Gold Medal objective, so make sure you count to seven before releasing your parachute.

image 99
image 100

Look for the orange target on top of the mountain. This is the ideal landing spot.

image 102

As soon as you touch the earth, look for the bicycles and ride one of them.

image 103
image 104

Race Dom to the bottom of the mountain. Make sure you pass through the blue arrows, which serve as checkpoints between sections.

image 105

You need to get two seconds’ worth of airtime on the bicycle to get the Big Air Gold Medal Objective. Fortunately, there are multiple jumps along the mountain course, such as the ones found below.

image 107
image 108
image 109

Make sure you overtake Dom before you reach the finish line to complete the Downhill King Gold Medal objective. The best place to overtake Dom is in the last few turns before the checkered flag.

image 110
image 112

It’s All Calculated

Completing the Risk Assessment will unlock 13 additional parachute jump locations around Los Santos. Franklin can visit these locations anytime and complete them to get 100% completion in GTA 5.

Getting a Gold Medal in Risk Assessment is vital in completing the game. Fortunately, all three Gold Medal objectives for Risk Assessment are very easy to complete. Simply follow the guide above to find the best spot to get 2 seconds of air in the bicycle race and the best place to overtake Dom to get the Downhill King Gold Medal objective. Do not worry too much about Free Faller, as you’re bound to free fall for at least 7 seconds after jumping out of the helicopter.

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