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The Clan system in Destiny 2 allows players to join together to help achieve a common goal. The higher the level of the clan, the more noticeable the advantages.

How to Level Up a Clan in Destiny 2

But how exactly does a clan advance? In this article, we’ll show you how to level up a clan in Destiny 2, and other pertinent info about the clan options.

What Are Clans?

Clans are player groups of up to 100 members that band together under one name. This allows players to have access to others. They can then ask for assistance for more team-oriented portions of the game. The clan also provides perks to its members, depending on the clan’s level, and the current gameplay season.

How Do I Create a Guild?

You can make your own guild by visiting the Bungie Website, clicking on Community on the menu on top, then clicking My Clan. Scroll down and choose create clan on the tabs below. You’ll be given the chance to enter your clan details, and once you’re finished click on Create Clan. Once back in game, you’ll now be able to invite members to join. You must have at least two members in the clan in order for the Clan Profile to be displayed in-game.

You can assign roles other than Founder to the members. These roles are Admin, Member, and Beginner. Different roles are allowed different permissions regarding clan management.

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How Do I Level Up the Clan?

Clans level up by earning XP. They start at Level One and have a max level of Six. It takes 100,000 XP to get from Level 1 to Level 2, subsequent level ups need 125,000 XP. Experience gain is capped at 100,000 experience point per week. This means that it will technically take a minimum of six weeks to get a clan to max level. Personal clan member experience gain is limited to 5,000 XP per week, so to hit the clan limit you need to have twenty active members.

Experience points are earned by members by doing Story Missions, going on Raids and Adventures, going on Patrols, Meditations, Strikes, and Public Events. Any clan XP earned will be displayed to all clan members that are online at the time.

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What Are the Benefits of Being in a Clan?

There are available Perks for Guild Members depending on the level of the Guild. These perks are, in alphabetical order:

  1. All-Seeing Eye – If you’re in a location that has a linked obelisk, you’ll be able to detect resources in a 30-meter range.
  2. Anomalous Archeologist – When you’re in the Reef, you get the chance to gain additional Bayron and Etheric resources when they’re collected.
  3. Arms Production – Will increase the amount of progress gained to advance Seraph Weapon Frames. Gain is further increased when in a fireteam with clan members.
  4. Bounteous – Gives the player a chance to gain an additional bounty when turning in clan bounties.
  5. Bountiful Unity – Gives the player bonus tokens when completing a Trials match with clanmates. Another bonus is given if you win the Trial with clanmates.
  6. Catalyst Seeker – When playing with other clanmates, increases Crucible and strike catalyst drop rates.
  7. Core Hound – Enhancement Cores are awarded when you complete a clan vendor challenge.
  8. Crucible Cash – Crucible Matches reward bonus Glimmer.
  9. Crucible Hoarder – Whenever a player receives a Crucible token, you’re given a chance to gain an extra one.
  10. Explore the Infinite – When playing Heroic Adventures on Mercury with clanmates, you gain the chance to gain Legendary Engrams.
  11. Hawthorne’s Heroes – When you complete strikes with a clan member, you get the chance to gain a Legendary Engram.
  12. Hive Slayer – Killing Hive enemies give better rewards.
  13. Martian Publicity – Public events on Mars have a chance to gain additional Mars tokens.
  14. Mercurial Luck – Collecting Simulation Seeds in Mercury offers chances to gain an additional one.
  15. Minor Modifications – Weekly Hawthorne bounties give mod components.
  16. Public Service – Gives additional Public Event rewards.
  17. Refined Sights – When you complete a weekly clan challenge, you’re also awarded an Enhancement Core.
  18. Scavenger: Cabal – Killing Cabal enemies give better rewards.
  19. Scorn Slayer – Killing Scorn gives better rewards.
  20. Small Offerings – Hawthorne gives an additional weekly bounty.
  21. Spread the Wealth – Engrams give additional Glimmer.
  22. Strength in Numbers – Doing playlist activities with a clanmate gives a better chance of getting Engrams.
  23. The Extra Mile – Five additional Legendary shards are given when you complete a weekly clan milestone.
  24. Timelost Gunsmith – Timelost weapon frames advance 10% faster when you’re in a fireteam with clanmates.
  25. Union of Recovery – Clan fireteams offer increased recovery rates.
  26. Union of Speed – Clan fireteams give increased speed.
  27. Union of Strength – Clan fireteams offer better resilience.
  28. Vanguard Valiant – When you get a Vanguard Token you have the chance of getting an additional one.
  29. Venture Capital – Nightfalls, Raids, and Trials offer better chances of giving reputation tokens.
  30. Vex Slayer – Killing Vex enemies give better rewards.

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Banding Together

Although Destiny 2 can be played alone, you’ll eventually encounter missions that require you to band together with others to finish it. This is where being in a clan is a handy thing. It provides not only help in missions, but additional perks in gameplay.

Have you ever wondered how to level up a clan in Destiny 2? Are you part of a clan? Let us know in the comments section below.

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