How to Move Escape From Tarkov to Another Folder, Drive & PC


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Moving Escape From Tarkov to another folder, drive or PC, might be a daunting task to do, considering the game launcher has to find the installation in order to be able to play it.

How to Move Escape From Tarkov to Another Folder, Drive & PC

Thankfully, Escape From Tarkov is not a big game, so in theory, you can move it pretty quickly to another place and then detect the installation using the launcher.

The steps that will be outlined in this article will work for any of the locations you choose to transfer the game to.

How to Move Escape From Tarkov to Another Folder, Drive & PC

  1. Firstly, find the game’s installation location. Open Launcher > Settings > Game to move escape from tarkov to another folder drive and pc
  2. Navigate to the game’s directory and make a copy of the Escape From Tarkov folder.
  3. Move the copied folder to a location in which you desire to have the game located.
  4. Delete the original Escape From Tarkov folder (the one that you made the copy from).
  5. Open up the Escape From Tarkov launcher, and click on “Set the path to existing game installation” above the install button.
  6. Select the location that you placed the copied Escape From Tarkov folder. It will start to verify the game files.

When the verification process finishes, you will be able to play Escape From Tarkov yet again. Depending on the system that you have, this might take anywhere from 2 to 20 minutes.

On top of verifying the files, the launcher will download any files which weren’t copied for some reason, this could extend the time it takes for this to finish. Nevertheless, after a while you can enjoy the game once again.

If you want to move the game to another PC, make sure not to delete it from the old one if you want to keep it on both computers.

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