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Iron Gate AB have surprised us with one of the best survival games of all time – Valheim.

Is Valheim Available for Mac

Valheim has made headlines ever since its release from February 2nd, and it doesn’t seem to slow down. The worlds in this game are truly exceptional, and since they’re random, it seems as though the immersivness and the reality of the game is on point.

That’s not the only thing that it has going for it. It has a complex progression system, which is on point. This might be the reason that many are eager to jump in on the action.

Is Valheim Available on Mac?

Since the game has gained so much popularity, people from all platforms have wondered whether they can play this game. Mac users are in the same boat.

Sadly, Valheim isn’t available on the Mac, and third-party apps like Wine haven’t yet introduced support for it yet.

For those that are not aware, Wine is a platform on which Linux and MacOS users can enjoy Windows applications. Most popular games are available on it, however, Valheim is not.

For now, the developers haven’t really stated plans that they have about increasing support on other platforms, but one can only wonder, with the recent boost in interest, is it at all not crazy to think that they’ve reconsidered this?

Future of Valheim’s Compatibility

Like I said, for now, there isn’t any information that would suggest that the developers are working on expanding on other platforms like the Mac. This is pure speculation.

Nevertheless, Iron Gate AB is quite a new developer on the scene, which might suggest that they weren’t expecting such interest in the game, hence made it available only for Windows and Linux.

However, even if there won’t be official support for it on Mac, chances are that Wine would implement this game to its roster, and you can play on Mac through Wine.

There is also a detail here that is unfortunate. That is that it is already on Mac, and Wine, is relatively more focused towards Linux users.

Nonetheless, for now Valheim is only on Windows and Linux. As for the future, there is a slight chance that it will become available on Mac.

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