Valheim: How to Make a Healing Potion



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Progressing in Valheim means taking on strong creatures and monsters, and most definitely bosses. There are many bosses in the game, and they’re relatively hard.

Valheim: How to Make a Healing Potion

This means that you will need to be as prepared as possible if you want to defeat them. Your gear is important, your weaponry as well, but there are other things that you should consider doing as well if you want to emerge victorious.

One of them is to brew potions. Potions are relatively broken in Valheim, so they’re essential if you want to take on strong enemies!

How to Make a Healing Potion – Valheim

The process of making potions in Valheim can be considered a bit unorthodox. Technically, it is the most realistic compared to other games, but many players are not used to it.

All you need to make potions in Valheim is:

  1. Fermenter
  2. Cauldron


The cauldron is the thing that you use to brew the MEAD base which in other words means the potion’s base. It can be made from tin, more specifically 10 tin, and you will need a forge as well to make it.

After you make it, you will need to place it on top of a fireplace. For those that don’t know what a cauldron is, it is basically a big pot that you can use to cook stuff.


The fermenter is a wooden barrel which takes the mead base, and the ferments it in order to make a particular potion. It can be made relatively easy using the workbench.

When placed, it mustn’t be under direct sunlight, although some players have been experiencing problems saying that the fermenter is too exposed, even when not under direct sunlight. To make sure it isn’t exposed at all, build a roof over it.

So, to sum up, all you need to do is build these two objects. After you do, use the cauldron, and on the right side you will have different mead bases – potions, choose one and submit all ingredients.

After it finishes brewing, bring it to the fermenter, and dump it inside. After this point, it should take approximately 15 minutes to finish.

Sleeping or similar time skipping mechanics don’t work to speed up the process. 15 minutes in real-time must pass in order for the potion to be made. Thankfully, you don’t get one once it finished, you get multiple potions.

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