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Valheim has many different creatures in it. There are bizarre bosses, NPCs, and the usual real-life animals. Some of the animals in the game can be tamed. Many know how to tame boars, but not many are aware that you can actually tame wolves in Valheim.

Valheim: How to Tame Wolves Easily

However, this isn’t very wise to do if you aren’t close to the bronze age. Make sure that you have at least a bronze shield, so that you can somewhat protect yourself from the wolves.

You will also have to be comfortable with the snow biome, which is exceptionally difficult in Valheim.

How to Tame Wolves Easily – Valheim

The Setup

Just like when taming the boars in Valheim, you will need to make a pen in which you can trap the wolves. I suggest that you make it with stakewalls. Leave an opening for one more wall (from here you will lure in the wolves).

Also, make a lower platform on which you can jump on and escape once inside. Make sure the wolves can’t do that. Here is a reference picture:


Now, since all of the worlds in this game are random, and not one is the same, I will give you general pointers that you can use to find wolves.

My recommendation is the snow biome. So, you must be geared greatly to survive the winter, but also the wolves. Look for their spawn locations, as they’ll spawn in one spot generally. When you do, build the pen relatively close to that location.

Luring the Wolves in The Pen

Shoot close to the wolves, and they will start chasing you. At this point, I recommend that you don’t look back at all if you aren’t properly geared.

When you go inside the pen, jump on the platform, and then place another stakewall where you left the opening, so that the wolves are trapped.

Taming Wolves – Food

Food-wise, you will need to feed the wolves with raw meat. Now, like the boars, the wolves will also take a while to be tamed. Make sure to repair the walls regularly if they’re hitting them.

I say “them” because you will need at least two if you want to breed them. Also, feed them food regularly, and watch over the pen to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

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