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One of the Shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the Jitan Sa’mi Shrine or Jitan Sa’mi’s Blessing. The Shrine itself is no challenge at all. As you enter the Jitan Sa’mi Shrine, Link can access the shrine’s chest, access the altar and talk to the monk immediately. The real challenge is defeating Naydra the Dragon to access Jitan Sa’mi Shrine. This may seem complex and intimidating, but it is easy and fun (not to mention very cool-looking). This guide will teach you how to access Jitan Sa’mi Shrine, obtain the chest inside, and claim a Spirit Orb.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild: Jitan Sa’mi Shrine Guide

Link will be rewarded with Spirit Orbs for completing Shrines. The Spirit Orbs obtained can be exchanged for more Heart Containers or Stamina Vessels. As there are 120 Shrines all over Hyrule, Link will get a total of 120 Spirit Orbs. You get to decide whether you want Link to have more Hearts or more Stamina.


The Jitan Sa’mi Shrine is located on Mount Lanayru, north of Hateno Village (or east of Naydra Snowfield). The Jitan Sa’mi Shrine is one of nine shrines in the Hateno Tower region. The Shrine is also part of a Shrine Quest called The Spring of Wisdom which can be started by talking to Medda, who is found in a garden behind the house across from the dye shop in Hateno Village.

The Spring of Wisdom

Before attempting this Shrine Quest, it is essential to note that the mountain’s climate will be cold, so make sure you have the appropriate armor. Additionally, make sure you have a lot of bows and arrows, as you will need to shoot arrows to finish this Shrine Quest successfully. 

Assuming you already have all that covered, to complete this Shrine Quest, make your way up the top of Mount Lanayru. The goal is to reach the pool of water at the top of Mount Lanayru if you check Link’s map. You can make your way up however you want. Still, it is worth mentioning that there is a path to the top of the mountain that starts from the southeast edge of Naydra Snowfield, and the path is filled with various types of Lizalfos, Ice Chuchus, Frost Pebblits, Cold-Footed Wolves, and other monsters. 

As you go up and arrive at the Spring of Wisdom, a cutscene will play, and you will see a vast and long dragon. This is Naydra, corrupted by the malice that Calamity Ganon unleashed. The goal is to free Naydra from malice. To do this, this is what Link must do:

  1. After the cutscene, Naydra will still stay on the side of the mountain and four huge eyes of malice will appear all over its body. Shoot one of the eyes with Link’s bow and arrows.
  2. After successfully hitting one, Naydra will fly away and move to a different area which will be on top of the mountain. Climb up to the top of the mountain where you will see Naydra circling around.
  3. After reaching the top, shoot another one of the eyes with Link’s bow and arrows.
  4. After hitting an eye, Naydra will start to fly away again and move to a different area. Follow Naydra by paragliding off the mountain. This will be easy as there will be updrafts surrounding Naydra and these updrafts will help replenish your stamina.
  5. Paraglide as near as possible to another one of the eyes and, when you have a clear shot, shoot it with Link’s bow and arrows. Take advantage of the slow motion effects when firing arrows while gliding to help you aim better.
  6. After successfully hitting a third eye, Naydra will move again to a different area. Continue to follow Naydra by gliding near it.
  7. Naydra will then move to the Naydra Snowfield and circle above it. Once you have a clear shot, shoot the final eye with Link’s bow and arrow.
  8. Then, another cutscene will play where Naydra will be free from being corrupted by malice and revert back to its glorious original state all while flying back to the top of the mountain. Link will also automatically go back to the Spring of Wisdom where you first saw Naydra.
  9. Next, the goddess statue will ask you to shoot another arrow onto Naydra. The spot that you hit Naydra on will glow and sparkle as Naydra will fly to the top of the mountain. After that, the glow will drop in front of Link which will turn out to be Naydra’s Scale.
  10. Finally, take the Naydra’s Scale and go to the water near the statue. Then, go to your Inventory, find Naydra’s Scale, hold it, and drop it in the water. The Goddess Statue will take this offer and open a door behind it which will be the door to Jitan Sa’mi Shrine!

Jitan Sa’mi’s Blessing

Now that you have completed The Spring of Wisdom Shrine Quest, you can enter the Jitan Sa’mi Shrine. This shrine will no longer have a challenge or puzzle inside as the puzzle was already on trying to access the shrine. Upon entering the shrine, this is what Link must do:

  1. Upon entering the Lakna Rokee Shrine, head up the stairs and open the chest to obtain a Frostspear.
  2. Then, just after the chest, continue ahead and talk to the monk and claim your Spirit Orb!

The Jitan Sa’mi Shrine, or Jitan Sa’mi’s Blessing, is one of seven shrines in the Hateno Tower region. The other shrines are the Myahm Agana Shrine or the Myahm Agana Apparatus, the Kam Urog Shrine or the Trial of Passage, the Dow Na’eh Shrine or the Three Boxes, the Mezza Lo Shrine or the Ancient Trifecta, the Tahno O’ah Shrine or Tahno O’ah’s Blessing, and the Chaas Qeta Shrine or A Major Test of Strength.

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