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One of the Shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the Keeha Yoog Shrine or the Keeha Yoog’s Blessing. The Shrine itself is no challenge at all. As you enter the Keeha Yoog Shrine, Link will be able to access the shrine’s chest, and he will also be able to access the altar and talk to the monk immediately. The real challenge is reaching the shrine and completing the Cliffside Etchings Shrine Quest. In this guide, you’ll learn how to complete the Cliffside Etchings Shrine Quest, access the Keeha Yoog Shrine, obtain the chest inside, and claim your Spirit Orb.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild: Keeha Yoog Shrine Guide

Link receives Spirit Orbs for completing Shrines, and you can exchange them for more Heart Containers or Stamina Vessels. Hyrule has 120 shrines, so Link can also get 120 Spirit Orbs. You get to decide whether you want Link to have more Hearts or more Stamina.


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Link won’t be able to access the Keeha Yoog Shrine right off the bat, but it will emerge from the ground in the northern part of Gerudo Highlands and northeast of the Gerudo Summit (southeast of Mystathi’s Shelf or west of the Cliffs of Ruvara). The Keeha Yoog Shrine is one of six shrines in the Gerudo Tower region.

Cliffside Etchings

To start the Cliffside Etchings Shrine Quest, head to the Tabantha Bridge Stable, which can be found west of Hyrule Ridge (or if Link has already completed it, fast travel to Shae Loya Shrine). During the day, head to the top of the cliff a little bit south of the Tabantha Bridge Stable, and you will see a man dressed in brown named Geggle who is looking at the cliffs in the distance. Talk to Geggle, and he will point to a section of the cliff in the distance where it looks like there is a part of the cliff that appears to be man-made. He will then say that he would climb up the cliff and take a closer look if he could go there on his own. Then, just like that, the Cliffside Etchings Shrine Quest starts!

Next, head to where he was pointing (the location mentioned above where the shrine will appear). Link can either go to the location through the Gerudo Highlands or slowly climb the Cliffs of Ruvara, which is just north of Gerudo Highlands (or southwest of Hyrule Ridge). It is worth mentioning that the climate once you reach the location is frigid, so make sure that Link has enough cold-resistant clothing so he won’t deplete his hearts because of the cold.

Upon reaching the area, you will see some targets with lightning bolts and bird symbols with an Ancient pedestal as the bullseye on the northeastern side of the cliff of Gerudo Summit. To complete the Cliffside Etchings Shrine Quest, Link has to shoot a Shock Arrow on the Ancient pedestal. If you have a hard time aiming and hitting the Ancient pedestal, use the updraft just in front of the target to paraglide up, then take advantage of the new vantage point and the slow motion while aiming with Link’s bow and Shock Arrow.

After hitting the Ancient Pedestal, the Keeha Yoog Shrine will emerge from the ground just below the target!

Keeha Yoog’s Blessing

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Now that you have entered the Keeha Yoog Shrine, it will no longer have a challenge or puzzle inside as the puzzle was already on trying to access the shrine. Upon entering the shrine, this is what Link must do:

  1. Upon entering the Keeha Yoog Shrine, head up the stairs and open the chest to obtain a Diamond.
  2. Then, just after the chest, continue ahead and talk to the monk, and claim your Spirit Orb!

The Keeha Yoog Shrine, or the Keeha Yoog’s Blessing, is one of six shrines in the Gerudo Tower region. The other shrines are the Kuh Takkar Shrine or the Melting Ice Hazard, the Sho Dantu Shrine or the Two Bombs, the Joloo Nah Shrine or the Joloo Nah Apparatus, the Sasa Kai Shrine or A Moderate Test of Strength, and the Kema Kosassa Shrine or A Major Test of Strength.

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